Dutch Urantia Association Annual Conference

August 21st 2018

As in previous years the Dutch Urantia Association (UAISUN) organizes an annual conference on August 21st to celebrate the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, the incarnation of Michael of Nebadon.

Last year we enjoyed an upward trend in the number of visitors compared to previous years. We hope this development continues.

This year the conference will focus on The Faith of Jesus.

Paper 196 of The Urantia Book will be the main inspiration for presentations from a number of speakers, in particular this quote:

In the Master’s life on Urantia, this and all other worlds of the local creation discover a new and higher type of religion, religion based on personal spiritual relations with the Universal Father and wholly validated by the supreme authority of genuine personal experience. This living faith of Jesus was more than an intellectual reflection, and it was not a mystic meditation. [Paper 196:0.4, page 2087.4]

The conference will again be held at the Estate Groot Kievitsdal which is beautifully situated between the forests of the Estate Pijnenburg on the road between Hilversum and Baarn and is well-known as one of the most beautiful locations in this region. (www.grootkievitsdal.nl) This beautiful centre is perfectly equipped for conferences and social meetings.

For more information visit: www.urantia.nl

Jaap Terra
President of UAISUN—The Netherlands
E-mail: info@urantia.nl