Conference & Chartering – Ecuador 2018

In the house of spiritual retreat “San Fernando” located in Ballenita, Santa Elena, Ecuador, the second National Urantia Conference in Ecuador 2018 was held from October 6 to 8 with the theme: “A Spiritual Experience in Urantia.”

The event was led by Sandra Naranjo Cabezas, President of the Urantia Association of Ecuador (Asociación Urantia Ecuador or AUEC) with the collaboration of the conference coordinator, Jaime Chiriboga, Vice President, Efraín Vivanco, and members of the board and other students of The Urantia Book.

Forty-one readers arrived from different cities of Ecuador and from abroad. It was good to observe middle-aged and young people in attendance.

The objectives of the conference were:

  1. To meet other readers of The Urantia Book
  2. Exchange experiences
  3. Get answers to our questions about life
  4. Practice living in the “here and now”

In addition, a chartering ceremony was held for the inauguration of the Urantia Association of Ecuador.

This was an excellent conference with very interesting topics. The program began with words of welcome and an initial talk on the theme topic by Sandra who has a degree in languages and chose this topic because of her experiences of 20 years as a Urantia Book reader since 1998.

Also presented was: “The Human Race” by Isabel Reinoso, President of Urantia Colombia; “Genesis of the Universe and Cosmic Realities” by Tamila Ragimova, PhD. in Physics, Moscow University, resident in Medellin, Colombia; “The Planetary Escape” by Efrain Vivanco, statistician and Vice President of AUEC; “Beings of Light” by Jorge Duran; “Messages from the Universe” by Ronald Chávez, among others.

Other activities included: a traditional and cultural ceremony of our country, directed by Alfonso Solines; active meditation exercises such as Taichí and Chi-kung for health in the open air by the sea, directed by teachers Pak Fu and Jaime Chiriboga. There was also a social event directed by young singers of the group including dance and fun. Artwork was presented, with colors and brushes of the spiritual creativity of the participants directed by Urantia Book artists of the Inti and Milton group.

We enjoyed a beautiful walk in the Marclub of Punta Blanca with pools and slides where we shared our brotherhood of Urantia Book readers.

On the last day a roundtable was held where questions and comments relating to the conference were discussed.

Chartering of Urantia Association of Ecuador

The AUEC invited everyone to the House of Retreats Immaculate Conception, in the Valley of the Chillos – Quito, to attend the chartering ceremony of the inauguration of the Urantia Association of Ecuador. We are pleased to be affiliated with the Urantia Association International (UAI) and appreciated the presence of Urantia Association’s President, Chris Wood, and Membership Chair, Luis Garcia-Bory.

Finally, our thanks go to Xavier Alvarado Robles manager of the TV channel INTI TV Network and to Marcelo Guerrero, who recorded the entire conference including an interview with questions and answers on topics from The Urantia Book featuring Tamila Ragimova, Efrain Vivanco, Francisco Ramírez, Gorki Barreto, Isabel Reinoso, Israel Urresta and Sandra Naranjo. This interview will be broadcast by INTI TV to many countries such as the United States, Dominican Republic, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Guatemala, Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile, Costa Rica, Honduras and Panama.