Cameroon Study Group

Cameroon SGGreetings from all of us here in Cameroon! I am proud to present to you our new Study Group The Cameroon Urantia Book Study Group Yaounde. We were unable to come together as a group since 2010 but now we thank Jesus that our prayers have been answered and our problems have been solved.

Thanks also goes to Rick Lyon who personally sent us some copies of The Urantia Book and those of you brothers and sisters who together sent 10 copies of The Urantia Book to us.

If we are able to come together as many as you can see in our group photograph, it is thanks to your efforts. I placed some of those books in a local church here in Yaounde and the Pastor of the Church was very interested. He introduced the book to his deacons and elders and now a room and a regular day has been set apart for the study of The Urantia Book on the church premises, thereby solving our chronic problem of finding a place to hold our studies.

I shall send you more details of our new group from time to time.

Peace and Love,
Paul Tsekar
Cameroon Group Leader