Jesus Pedagogy

As a lifelong teacher and, during the last years, as a reader of The Urantia Book, I want to convey some ideas on Jesus’ pedagogy to everyone participating in this Conference. In spite of all the fighting against the spreading of his teachings, some have survived and have continued to attract the attention and love … read more of Jesus Pedagogy.

The Art of Teaching Truth

When the apostles were sent forth on their first mission, Jesus told them: Teach that man’s whole duty is summed up in this one commandment: Love the Lord your God with all your mind and soul and your neighbor as yourself. [Paper 163:4.8, page 1805:5] This seems like a very simple instruction, but it is … read more of The Art of Teaching Truth.

Moved to Worship

As a human being, we have initially no sensitivity to spiritual realities. We are sensitive only to material things and in this field, science has come to tell us our limits. What we perceive of this material reality is what our eyes let us see of the visible band, what our ears let us hear … read more of Moved to Worship.

Michael: An Example of Love, Truth and a Way of Life

Everyone in this conference knows who Michael is as well as the example and legacy of the life that he led. The theme of this Conference is “Under the Light of Love” and it is precisely Michael of Nebadon—self-bestowed on this planet as Jesus of Nazareth—who is known as “the light of the world.” We can … read more of Michael: An Example of Love, Truth and a Way of Life.

We Are The Sowers

In the foreword of The Urantia Book, the Revelators inform us of their main objective: to expand cosmic consciousness and enhance spiritual perception. In the Publication Mandate, we are instructed to create thousands of study groups and train leaders and teachers. Today, most if not all of us here are part of this worldwide association, … read more of We Are The Sowers.

Welcome to 2012 Urantia Association International Conference

Dear Fellow Students of The Urantia Book, I wish to extend a warm welcome to the 8th Urantia Association International Conference. Bienvenidos a todos, Welcome everybody, Bienvenue, Boas Vindas, Dobro pozalovat. It is not by accident that this 8th International Conference is taking place in the South American continent, in this nation of Colombia and … read more of Welcome to 2012 Urantia Association International Conference.