Cultivating Mind: Choosing The Right Tool

A personal account of faith as a tool of mind cultivation (Presentation made at the last Urantia Association International Conference in 2015) A very good day to everyone! Let me first say that I’m happy to be here with you, to see my old friends, and to make new friends, hopefully. It is quite challenging … read more of Cultivating Mind: Choosing The Right Tool.

Quebec Conference Reflections

The international conference that Line and Gaetan Charland, and others organized in Quebec was unforgettable for me for many reasons, but most of all because of the new initiatives of cooperation that our hardworking and dear President Chris Wood announced between Urantia Association and the Fellowship in upcoming conferences.  One for which I have a … read more of Quebec Conference Reflections.

Urantia International Conference – Quebec

30 July–2 August There are only a few weeks left before Urantia Association’s International Conference in Quebec. If you have not done so, please register now by clicking here to visit the event’s web page. There you will find all the information you will need to register, including directions to the venue whether you come … read more of Urantia International Conference – Quebec.

2015 International Conference Program Schedule

Following are the plenaries for you to appreciate. Also see further on for the Program Schedule. Workshops will be published soon for readers to volunteer as facilitators. Day One 1. The Child and His Education (Lourdes Burga-Cisneros)  The Urantia Book teaches us that the universe is a great school where we are both student and teacher. … read more of 2015 International Conference Program Schedule.

2015 Urantia Association International Conference

30 July to 2 August Registration is now open! Register Now  Inscrivez-vous  Regístrese ahora  Cadastre-se agora Dear Friends and Readers of The Urantia Book, Time is running out! Register now for Urantia Association’s International Conference in Quebec Canada. This event is focused on spiritual education at many levels, starting in the family as a child and on to … read more of 2015 Urantia Association International Conference.