God the Great Supervisor

There is a belief, well spread in many religious movements, stating that the tribulations we experience through the course of our terrestrial life have been sent by God to put us on trial and help us progress in spirituality. Humanity has always attributed to some celestial personalities the account for the extra-ordinary events of life, … read more of God the Great Supervisor.

The Search for Perfection or the Quest for the Grail

I recall having, at a certain period of my life, discussions with my friends on what perfection is. We concluded that it consists in possessing the totality of knowledge and experience. I retained this definition until I read The Urantia Book which, need I say, constantly refers to the attainment of perfection. This concept is … read more of The Search for Perfection or the Quest for the Grail.

Tips on Personal Evangelism

Use humor. When you stand on your dignity and lose your sense of humor you show lack of confidence in what you believe. The argumentative defense of any proposition is inversely proportional to the truth contained. Don’t become involved in argument. You may have facts but not truth as concerns the principles you are dealing with. Value … read more of Tips on Personal Evangelism.