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Rewards of Giving

In The Urantia Book, we are informed about the “harmony of associated spirits,” which refers to the arrangement and association of various beings so that they produce “majestic melodies.” This idea of the harmony within a group captures so well what we have witnessed across the Urantia community in recent times.

There is now a recognizable tune to our expanding service as new groups of Urantia Book students emerge across the globe. Our Dissemination Committee helps us find others who would become inspired by this revelation. Our Membership Committee is experienced in reaching out to these new pockets of truth seekers, helping to unite isolated students and regional groups. Our Study Groups Committee helps to foster regular and focused study in our communities, while our Conference Committee helps create meaningful events. Our Education Committee sources out and presents quality in-depth lessons from across the globe, and our Communications Committee connects all of us within the global Urantia community. And of course, our Translations Committee makes all of this connecting more far-reaching with their loving dedication to bridging language barriers.

The melody of this united effort hums louder every year. And what an exciting time for our expanding Urantia Association! Every new project has an amazing story behind it, and every new believer in this revelation could fill chapters with their journey. But when you take it all in, all together—when you witness and contemplate the global melody emerging from the Urantia community—we can’t help but marvel at the harmony spreading across the world. And as our personal connections stir the music of the soul, we can all raise our voices and join in.

Urantia Association International has friends on the ground and hearts in service uniting students of the revelation from all four corners of the Earth. Our projects are funded by people like you! We promote conferences in Africa and Latin America and sponsor booths at book fairs $100, $50, $30, $20, $15 and $10 at a time.

Will you join in our efforts to fund these and other projects so that we can ensure ongoing support to Urantia communities worldwide?

A simple and economical way to help is to make a recurring monthly donation. If you sign up now for a recurring donation of $30 (a dollar-a-day) or more per month, we would like to show our appreciation by offering you a gift copy of either “The Untold Story of Jesus” or “The Parables of Jesus.” (Simply leave us a note to indicate which book you would like us to send you.)

With deep gratitude,

Chris Wood
Urantia Association International

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