Young Readers & Study Groups

I read with great interest your article in the last Tidings and both responses from young readers that were printed with it. From what the young (and extremely erudite) Venezuelan reader had to say, it would appear that young readers might be more interested in group study if the group itself consisted of only young readers. She did not mention this, but my thought is that perhaps one, more experienced student as a guide or clarification source would be helpful, if not downright indispensable! to such a group. One problem I foresee with this model is, of course, finding young readers with the time, venue, resources and dedication to host and/or facilitate such groups. Obviously, the easiest way for the first three issues to be addressed is to establish these study groups online. As for the dedication required, that depends wholly on the spiritual investment of the founding young reader.

Unfortunately, I have no helpful suggestions to offer with regard to finding such dedicated young readers. My own attempts to interest the younger (age 34) of my two daughters in reading and studying The Urantia Book have resulted in only limited and sporadic success. I believe that this particular age group of 20-40 year olds is more concerned (and rightly so) with the proper establishment of marriage and family life. The inclusion of a spiritual practice into that life is certainly indispensable, but I believe they are, for the most part, so disillusioned with institutionalized religious practices that they deem such practices unfit, if not irrelevant, to the conduct of their personal lives. From what I have observed in my elder (age 40) daughter’s life since the birth of her child, the time, energy and thought required to establish their own spiritual practices and teach them to their growing families is incredibly daunting in the face of the pace and complication of their daily lives. Without a primer or roadmap of established Urantia Book inspired spiritual practices, they simply haven’t the time or energy to create their own, much as they might want to do so. Sigh…

In friendship,
Cheryl Glicker