Year End Gifting

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Revelation,

DSC01081Without your volunteer spirit and financial gifts, there would be no worldwide readership organization and fewer opportunities to serve and grow as leaders and teachers. Truly, we are just beginning to fulfill a noble destiny. The committees of our International Service Board offer assistance and guidance in your personal ministry of dissemination in your community. We are here to help you with whatever tasks the Angels place before you. We are your link to fellow students of The Urantia Book – all around the world.

Our mission is a spiritual mission. We have no goods or services that we sell to generate income. Only through the generous contributions of Urantia Book readers like you are we able to foster study groups, promote in-depth study of The Urantia Book and provide opportunities that produce teachers and leaders for the future of this revelation.

As you consider a year-end gift to Urantia Association International, you can make a donation online via our website by clicking here. Alternatively, if you are mailing a check or instructions for a credit card donation, please mail before December 15th. Any checks or instructions to charge your credit card that are received in our office after year end will be recognized as a 2016 donation. (click here for our mailing and contact details.)

Your willingness to support Urantia Association International provides us the honor and pleasure of serving you and our brothers and sisters throughout Urantia.

May our Father continue to bless you and yours during the holiday season and the coming New Year.

In light and life,
Bradly Tharp