Why Do We Study The Urantia Book?

The key word is WHY?  May we address its profundity? Here are some thoughts:

Because we seek clarity of our life purposes in harmony with divine plans.

Because we seek a better understanding of origins and destinies as we prepare to lift ourselves and others to new clarity.

Because we seek truth to undergird our desires to know God and His children better.

Because we seek inspiration from the upgrading and clarifying teachings from celestial beings who shared their superior knowledge. They know us better than we know ourselves. We seek their sharing to reduce our confusion.

Because we are preparing our minds for greater service to humanity and later on, during the next life stage, to persons of diverse origin.

Because we seek truth to share with others so that they may seek and have life more abundantly.

Because we seek greater understanding and real, conscious experience with multiple evidence of spirit growth, what Jesus taught as fruits of the Spirit.

Because we want to become more Godlike. Because we seek to follow Jesus honestly!

Because we seek to know more of what love is and what mercy can mean to me and others.

We do not study for selfish reasons, but for selfless sharing to contribute to civil improvement.

We do not study to prove someone wrong or to prove debased doctrine in any religion.

We do not study for positioning self in the Kingdom, or to take advantage over others.

We do not attend study sessions just for social fellowshipping. We study with the aim of helping others feel new growth and understanding. We study for progress for all persons.

We study for spiritual growth of all mankind as we share what we know through Fatherly love for all.

Add your own reasons as you attempt to address this question.