Venezuela Conference for Urantia Book Readers

Venezuela Meeting 1Readers met in Mérida State, Venezuela 9 to 12 October. This was the eleventh annual meeting of readers to be held in Venezuela. The theme of the conference was “Reactivating the Brotherhood of Jesus According to The Urantia Book”. Following are some comments from some of the attendees and organizers:

Liliana Zambrano:

It has been a marvellous meeting, mainly for integrating new people in the meeting, where everyone was moved to share the teachings of the Master Jesus of Nazareth, and how to put into practice the recommendations which the Master makes in many of his quotes. Secondly, every one of the participants made a commitment to strengthen the Urantia group in Venezuela, such as developing the web page, blogs, monthly meetings and to monitor the progress with those commitments, among other things.

Marcelino Ramírez:

It has been one of the greatest stimulating and most useful experiences among the eleven meetings that have been held in Venezuela in the past eleven years.

Marybeni Rosas:

The eleventh meeting of readers of El Libro de Urantia in Venezuela also contributes actions to increase the spread of the book and the training of Venezuelans in using more technical tools, to overcome the financial situation. Congratulations!

Venezuela Meeting 4