Urantia Peru National Conference 2018

The second Urantia Peru National Conference took place in Pachacámac from 20—21 October 2018. Pachacámac is a rural site about 30 km south of Lima in a place called Atinchik (in the Quechua language, “together, we can do it”.)

The theme of the event was “The Practice of Brotherhood…Truth or Utopia?” In this conference, six plenary lectures and two experiential workshops were given by readers from different parts of Peru, and a guest from Canada.

In Peru, there are many long-time readers of The Urantia Book who have a wide range of experience in the organization of events and activities related to the dissemination of the teachings of the book, but it was only in 2018 that we incorporated ourselves into becoming a National Urantia Association.

Since then, we have made a commitment to host a National Conference each year in order to disseminate the teachings in an interesting and attractive way, and to foster committed readers and study groups.

We also have another goal; given that Peru is the future site for the next Urantia Association International Conference in April of 2021, we hope to gain as much experience as possible to insure the international conference will be a good quality and valuable experience for all participants.

Following is a description of the presentations and workshops:

Plenary Presentations

My Fellow, My Brother (Patricia Llosa y Ernesto Kohler). A lecture based on the experience of personal growth about how to consider the different people appearing to you in everyday life as beings to whom and with whom you must cultivate brotherhood.

The Jesus Brotherhood (Gabriela Condorchúa). A presentation about the sublime and wonderful way in which Jesus united with others, made them part of the Universal Brotherhood, and taught them how to accept the Father in order to learn to love their neighbors, their brothers and sisters, as the Father would.

The Universal Plot (Mairam Durand). An exposition about how a series of celestial assistants work as a team, in our minds and in our environments, in order to make us conscious of our life-plan related to the acceptance of the Fatherhood of God and the formation of the Brotherhood of Man.

The Sisterhood of Women (Line St. Pierre). A testimony about the inspiration of life received by women in order to develop a service-plan for the benefit of women who, as sisters, wish to serve the Universal Father.

Path to Divine Sovereignty (Alonso Gonzáles). An explanation on the importance of submitting the individual and collective sovereignty of the ego—in its different forms of manifestation—to divine sovereignty through our free will and with a view to doing the will of the Father.

Being a Cosmic Citizen (Alejandro Ampudia). An enlarged vision on how brotherhood—the loving service to humanity—constitutes the will of the Father and shows the degree of loyalty we have for Him. This is the basis for embarking on the ascension journey through the universes and being a cosmic citizen.


Communication in the Brotherhood (Mairam Durand). A living experience through brainstorming and a team psychomotor exercise about the communication, roles, and responsibilities that a team needs in order to truly accomplish brotherhood.

Enemy of Mine (Lourdes Burga-Cisneros). An individual and group reflection, through questioning, mental maps, and teamwork dynamics about how the inconveniences, obstacles, problems, and contradictions of brotherhood are in oneself and not in others.

Thank you to all volunteers and participants who made this conference such a special event. Before 2021, we will have gained valuable experience for the next Urantia Association International Conference: Towards Cosmic Citizenship that we will be sharing with you in Cusco, Peru 22—25 April 2021.

If you always wanted to go to Peru, 2021 is the year to do it! This is a conference you should not miss!