Urantia DACH Annual Meeting in Frankfurt

Urantia DACH held its annual meeting from 4 to 6 November 2016 in Frankfurt, Germany. It was the 10th meeting of Urantia Book readers in Germany and the second meeting for the new Urantia Association, “Urantia DACH.” Urantia DACH became official as a Local Association at this latest meeting. A short informal ceremony was held as the Chartering Agreement was signed by Christian Ruch, the President of Urantia DACH, and Urantia Association International’s President, Chris Wood. (“Urantia DACH” embraces the regions of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. DACH stands for: D=Deutschland, A=Austria, CH=Switzerland; “Dach” is the German word for “roof”.)

We spent a day and a half studying and discussing Papers 99 and 100 of The Urantia Book.
Almost all of the discussions were held in German and any key ideas were translated for Chris and me into English. All participants were quite active in the discussions—it seemed to me that the conversations were very deep and productive.

On the first day Chris was asked to speak about Urantia Association International and answered questions. On Saturday and Sunday evenings we socialized at the hotel’s cafe. In
general, the meeting left a warm impression. The nature of the conference resembled more of a working meeting without too much planning or additional activities.

It is very encouraging to see the opening of a new Association that will serve this very important region of the world in these trying times. The immigration crisis was quite noticeable in this big European city of Frankfurt. Many of the participants at the meeting feel that the crisis is extensive enough to change Germany significantly in the future. It has highlighted the need to actively promote The Urantia Book in Germany and plans are being made for a library placement project.

Anton Miroshnichenko
Membership Chair
Urantia Association International