First Urantia Book Conference of the Philippines

The first Urantia Book National Educational Conference for the Philippines was held in November 2019 at the Gems Hotel and Conference Center in Antipolo City. The theme was “Introducing the Fifth Epochal Revelation.” The goal was to inform interested individuals on the basic teachings of The Urantia Book and to link up with the different regional groups of Urantia Book readers in the Philippines. 

The selected topics presented were: 

  • History of The Urantia Book and the Five Epochal Revelations 
  • The Plan of God 
  • Life After Death (the Mansion Worlds & our Journey to Paradise) 
  • Scientific Evidence and The Urantia Book 
  • Who is Jesus and What are His Teachings? 

The 33 attendees in addition to Urantia Book readers consisted of friends, relatives and youths. Our Urantia Book study group does not only focus on adult readers; we also involve young people in our events and activities, which they really appreciate and enjoy.  

Following are some comments from attendees:

“It was a great conference. The venue was peaceful and comfortable. The discussions were very inter-active. Everyone respects each other’s opinions particularly when we are trying to search and know the truth. Even a young one’s opinion is important to think that our knowledge of truth is only a cup of water in a vast ocean. We still have lots to learn.” (Chryst Kevin A. Seda – 4th Year BS Ed student, University of Makati) 

“It was a nice conference. I was invited by my auntie to join the conference. Before I had already heard them studying The Urantia Book in their house and I understood some of it. I sometimes tell my classmates about it, but I am short of explaining it to them. I wanted to have a copy of The Urantia Book. When my uncle Nestor Seda heard me in the conference, he gave me a copy. I am grateful and will read it to know more of its content.” (Mike Ian Montayre Maglalang – 2nd year college student of Pamantasan ng Marikina) 

The Urantia Book conference is great because it helps us to become enlightened with truth. They asked us to share our ideas and opinions with everyone. It connected us and brought us closer to our new friends. Everyone shared their ideas including me. It’s so nice because they acknowledge my ideas and I learn a lot from the conference. I hope that a lot of youths will be added to the group so we can continue to study The Urantia Book together.” (Princess Ariane A. Seda – Grade 12 student Pitogo High School) 

A Brief History of Urantia Activities in the Philippines 

A group of Filipinos living in the Chicago area started a Urantia Book study group as early as 2013. Around 2015, Eugene and Belen Asidao and Nestor Nano asked Urantia Foundation if they would donate Urantia Books to the Philippines for a library placement program. The Foundation agreed and Urantia Association International provided the funds for the shipment of books. Enthusiastic readers organized themselves to undertake the mammoth task of visiting libraries throughout the provinces and in many cities. They placed books in public and private libraries, universities and colleges, and gave the book to a variety of selected individuals. As a result, many contacts were made with people who were interested in The Urantia Book.  

A regular study group in Manila started in 2016 and has continued since then. Sometimes readers do outreach study ministry in various cities, which has encouraged more readers to become members of the group. The group also organizes the yearly celebration of Christ Michael’s birthday on August 21, and is currently in the process of creating study groups in other localities.