Urantia Association International Conference 2015

Progressing from Human to Divine—Revealing Ourselves to God

30th July to 2nd August 2015

Bishop University, Lennoxville

Quebec, Canada


Bishop's University Qucebec ConferenceThe Urantia Association of Quebec under the umbrella of Urantia Association of Canada will be hosting this event. It will take place at the beautiful site of Bishop’s University in Lennoxville, province of Quebec, Canada, from July 30th to August 3rd.

We will develop three sub themes, one for each day of the conference. The first one is about Family, the second about The Individual and the third about Society/brotherhood.

The Heavenly Father has a mission for each of us. He welcomes us into the great family of God’s children and gives us the opportunity to develop our potentials to carry their full expression of divine values in our material lives and beyond. Indeed, the Father has placed in our hands control over an infinitesimal fraction of the future of the Supreme. We have a good part of eternity to accomplish this mission and it starts now, here, on Urantia.

How do we carry out this major project, this grand and eternal adventure, this beautiful partnership between the human and the divine? By agreeing to become perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect . Growth and progress are the watchwords of the universe. By agreeing to grow, to progress from the human to the divine, we will be able to bring into fruition what God has placed in our hands. What are the winning conditions, the tools, and healthy lifestyles that allow for better growth?

Plan your 2015 vacation now. Information on accommodations and registration will be available in October. We encourage parents and grandparents to bring their children and share this experience, as we will have young people providing childcare services during the conference.

We will keep you informed as the program unfolds.

Line St-Pierre
Vice President
Urantia Association of Canada
[email protected]