Unity Initiative Report

Trinity Flag of MichaelIn October 2016, a small group of leaders from Urantia Association International and the Urantia Book Fellowship met in Chicago to discuss the potential unification of our two organizations. This meeting was approved by the Association’s International Service Board and Representative Council, and the Fellowship’s Executive Committee. It was not the first time our community has met to discuss ways to achieve better harmony and cooperation between the two groups, but at this meeting, those present produced a proposal outlining steps that could be taken toward organizational unity. This “Transition to Unity Proposal” was then presented to the leadership boards and councils of both the Association and the Fellowship to be embraced, rejected or amended.

In February 2017, the General Council of the Fellowship passed two resolutions, one of which embraced the short term cooperative steps recommended in the “Transition to Unity Proposal,” but fell short of including statements about their desire for unity and the proposed initial structure of a united organization. The second resolution reaffirmed the Fellowship’s commitment to its continued operation of Uversa Press in relation to its printing of The Urantia Book.

The Association has no intention of being a competitor of Urantia Foundation. If organizational unity is to be achieved, the publishing of The Urantia Book needs to be separated from any united social organization, and ideally left to the Foundation. However, the Fellowship’s stand is that its continued publishing of The Urantia Book is an important part of its service to the Urantia community.

And so we have come to an impasse.

For now, the transition to unity will remain a possibility and progress will continue as the different branches of the Urantia community work and grow together.

The Association continues to thrive as we share the teachings of The Urantia Book with the myriad of cultures throughout our diverse world. As our responsibilities expand, we ask everyone to pitch in wherever they can and help us lift this load together as brothers and sisters—sons and daughters of God.

In service,
Chris Wood
President, Urantia Association International