The Urantia Pilgrim Center – at the Sea of Galilee

sea-of-galileeImagine a beautifully built, professionally and spiritually managed and deeply inspiring Pilgrim Center right where the Master lived and taught.

Imagine a Hotel and Conference Center that welcomes the one million pilgrims that flock to the Sea of Galilee every year to walk “in the footsteps of the Master”; a Center that spreads the Fifth Epochal Revelation by embodying the Master’s Teachings – right in Bethsaida itself.

A group of Urantia Book readers has located a pristine 25-acre tract of land that is located on the banks of the Jordan River three miles north of the Sea of Galilee and one mile north of the ruins of Bethsaida.

We intend to build and operate a Center that contributes to an acceleration of progress towards light and life on Earth by facilitating the individual’s journey inward.

We ask for your spiritual and material support to take the next steps. If this message stirs your heart, please contact me: email:, cell phone: +972-544-592514

With Love and in His Service,

Gabriel Rymberg
Chief Translator
Urantia Book Hebrew Translation Project

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