The Jesus Museum and The Jesus Metaverse

We’d like to share with you two projects we’ve been working on for some time now: The Jesus Museum and the Jesus Metaverse

The world needs a new vision of the Master’s life on earth. 

Urantia Book students are now building the Jesus Metaverse—an online portal that will offer an immersive presentation of Jesus’ entire life as portrayed in The Urantia Book.  Jesus’ story and teachings will also be featured in the planned Jesus Museum, near the Sea of Galilee.

Have you ever dreamed of visiting a museum entirely devoted to Jesus? Have you ever dreamed of building a temple to the unseen Father?  Such a venue, situated at a most befitting location, will focus on our heavenly Father (as revealed by The Urantia Book and Jesus) and promote the religion of Jesus. 

We expect to receive up to half a million visitors a year given the number of tourists that come to this popular region to walk in the steps of Jesus.

Have you dreamed of sharing the real Jesus with the world? Surely, the hearts of millions will be ignited just by knowing the Master.

The Jesus Metaverse will present Jesus’ entire story—from the babe of Bethlehem to the ascended Lord. We will produce cinematic presentations and curate other media-rich content that is immersive, engaging, and entirely based on The Urantia Book.

Imagine how wonderful it will be for anyone and everyone around the world to explore Jesus’ life and teachings in any way they want!

We will initially target young Christians in the West. Many yearn for a personal relationship with God but do not find that in their institutionalized religions. In time, we will expand the reach to a wider audience.

The Center for Unity is a new, non-profit organization established by Urantia Book students to develop these projects. The name is inspired by the religion of Jesus, which “is the most powerful unifying influence the world has ever known” (194:3.17).

For more information watch our introduction videos (overview and an in-depth presentation of the Jesus Metaverse), download our information package, or write to us at

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