The Finnish Summer Conference

Hosted by Urantia Association Finland

8—10 June 2018

Theme: We Are Called to Eternal Life

Location: Lautsian Kartano, Hauho, Finland


We invite you to join our Summer Conference for Urantia Book readers in Finland at Lautsian Lomakeskus, at a distance of 140 kilometers from Helsinki, the capital of Finland. During this conference there will be lectures, workshops, study groups, discussions, walking in nature, a social program and other Urantia-focussed activities.

For more details see our program below.


To register please contact Sini Lilja, email: [email protected], no later than June 1, 2018!
You can also call by phone to Sini, Telephone +358 44 546 6657.


179 € double room in the main building
168 € double room in the hotel
213 € single room (only 6 rooms)
293 € double room for one person in the main building
273 € double room for one in the hotel

112 € double room in the main building
107 € double room in the hotel
129 € single room (only 6 rooms)
169 € double room for one person in the main building
159 € double room for one person in the hotel

Note: There is no registration/entrance fee to join our program
Meals for day attendants:
Friday 10 €, Saturday 33 €, Sunday 21 €


Lautsian Kartano

Lautsiankuja 20
14700 Hauho, Finland
Tel +358 3 647080
Website hotel
Email: [email protected]
Google Maps: click here


Friday June 8
18.00 Annual General Meeting. The general meeting is normally only for Finnish Urantia Association members—but non-members are also welcome to observe. (According to our rules only members have right to vote and make proposals.)

After the general meeting there will be supper and social activity with sauna and/or swimming in the pool or the lake nearby for those who wish to partake.

Saturday June 9
08.00 Breakfast
0900 Opening by Eija Seppänen-Bolotinski
09.20 What has happened—that is of everlasting value—in our country during the last 100 years?
(Bey Heng—small groups)
10.35 The Will of the Father as an inspiration in life (Kari Kippo—small groups)
11.30 The Symphony of Colours (we draw together in groups)
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Photos in nature with our smartphone cameras to conclude our work: ”Symphony of Colours”
15.00 Coffee break
15.30 The Eternal Life in the Universe (Raimo Ala-Hynnilä)
16.30 Dinner
18:00 Social program with sauna and/or swimming

Sunday June 10
08:00 Breakfast
09.00 Opening of the day
We will take walk in the natural surroundings in groups (four persons in each group) to enjoy the landscape.
We will read choice sections of The Urantia Book for each other.

10.00 Presentation by Urantia Association’s European Continental Coordinator (Sebastian Nozzi)
11.00 Eternal Life Already Begins in our Mortal Bodies (Kaija Lindström—small groups)
12.00 Lunch
13.00 He who Seeks Shall Find, and He Who Knocks Shall Enter (Pertti Leinonen—small groups)
14.00 Coffee and goodbyes

Note: Lectures are in Finnish but study groups will also be held in English!

Hosted by: Urantia Association Finland