Testimonial Video from Ukrainian Reader


Anton Miroshnichenko

Anton Miroshnichenko

It’s an honor to share with you this latest clip on UrantiaFilm featuring Urantia Book reader Anton Miroshnichenko. Anton has been instrumental in spreading The Urantia Book throughout his home country of Ukraine. In particular, he and fellow Urantia Book readers last year imported 270 Russian translation Urantia Books amidst the uncanny complexities of exporting foreign goods to Ukraine.

When I was interviewing readers at the European Urantia Book conference in Berlin last
summer, Anton shared his thoughts on camera in English, and at the end of the interview he requested to say a few words in Russian, which you see in this video.

Anton’s statement is a powerful testimony of how these teachings can be a catalyst to spiritually transform even the most questioning mind.

Says Anton, “For us, and for any human on this Earth, it is so important to understand who we truly are, and The Urantia Book clearly tells us everything about this.”

Richard Jernigan