Jesus’ Teaching Methods

…and How He Organised His Apostles and Disciples to Teach Jesus was not only a master teacher; he was THE Master Teacher. He was the fountain head of knowledge and … read more of Jesus’ Teaching Methods.

We Are What We Teach

My message is simply that the best approach we can take to assisting the infusion of the Urantia revelation into the world is to incorporate the teachings of the book … read more of We Are What We Teach.

We Are the Sowers

In the foreword of The Urantia Book, the Revelators inform us of their main objective: to expand cosmic consciousness and enhance spiritual perception. In the Publication Mandate, we are instructed … read more of We Are the Sowers.

The Perfect Life Plan

Introduction The high level of personal development – spiritual insight – can result from the application of the revelations contained in the Urantia Papers. This program gives a simplified yet comprehensive … read more of The Perfect Life Plan.

Friendly Dissemination

William Sadler Jnr. was one of the 5 Contact Commissioners and Forum member—this is transcript of a tape recording of one of his many lectures to readers in the 1960’s … read more of Friendly Dissemination.