The Urantia Book and Us

When people find The Urantia Book, they experience new enthusiasm upon discovering something bigger and truer than anything they had ever known. Very often, a first reaction is to share this same enthusiasm with all those surrounding us. To our dismay, we readers quickly find people are not interested in our discovery or our experience. … read more of The Urantia Book and Us.

Effectively Teaching the Religion of Jesus

How can we effectively teach the religion of Jesus today?  How does today’s world differ from the world in Jesus’ day? In what way is today’s world similar to the world in Jesus’ day? The following are some possibilities: There are more people today People lead busier more complex lives People are more guarded, careful, … read more of Effectively Teaching the Religion of Jesus.

Jesus’ Teaching Methods

…and How He Organised His Apostles and Disciples to Teach Jesus was not only a master teacher; he was THE Master Teacher. He was the fountain head of knowledge and inspiration for the Fourth Epochal Revelation to our world. How did he do it? How did he manage to touch people’s hearts so beautifully and … read more of Jesus’ Teaching Methods.

Reflections for Teachers and Believers in the Fifth Epochal Revelation

The fourth epochal revelation—the one brought by our Creator Son to his world under the human identity of Jesus of Nazareth—is very closely related to the next one, the fifth epochal revelation contained in The Urantia Book. That may be why, when we read Part IV of the book, we cannot help feeling the midwayers in … read more of Reflections for Teachers and Believers in the Fifth Epochal Revelation.

We Are What We Teach

My message is simply that the best approach we can take to assisting the infusion of the Urantia revelation into the world is to incorporate the teachings of the book into our daily lives. The expansion of our frame of reference resulting from the information the book contains is almost overwhelming at first. Think about … read more of We Are What We Teach.

The Art of Teaching Truth

When the apostles were sent forth on their first mission, Jesus told them: Teach that man’s whole duty is summed up in this one commandment: Love the Lord your God with all your mind and soul and your neighbor as yourself. [Paper 163:4.8, page 1805:5] This seems like a very simple instruction, but it is … read more of The Art of Teaching Truth.

We Are The Sowers

In the foreword of The Urantia Book, the Revelators inform us of their main objective: to expand cosmic consciousness and enhance spiritual perception. In the Publication Mandate, we are instructed to create thousands of study groups and train leaders and teachers. Today, most if not all of us here are part of this worldwide association, … read more of We Are The Sowers.

Expanding Leaders and Teachers

So you want to be a leader? How about a teacher? Well, they are mostly the same; a lot of work. Work that is challenging, exciting, and fulfilling, but it is difficult at the best of times. This is well known to me as I was part of a group who was asked to build … read more of Expanding Leaders and Teachers.

Teamwork – Where do We See Ourselves as a Group of Pioneer Religionists for the Fifth Epoch?

When I read The Urantia Book, I find that many of the concepts seem to have been designed to act as a springboard. The concepts presented are merely ideas—they don’t become real or meaningful and they don’t really have true value unless they’re pondered, embraced, and put into action by the reader/believer. If there is … read more of Teamwork – Where do We See Ourselves as a Group of Pioneer Religionists for the Fifth Epoch?.

The Perfect Life Plan

Introduction The high level of personal development – spiritual insight – can result from the application of the revelations contained in the Urantia Papers. This program gives a simplified yet comprehensive overview of the teachings and is suitable for general readers or for students keen to make a more detailed study. These sequential quotations can be … read more of The Perfect Life Plan.

Undertaking a Personal Study of The Urantia Book

Introduction Reading The Urantia Book is like attending a conference. Many authors speak in sequence,covering a variety of topics. They speak in great accord, though they do not march in lockstep uniformity. Differences in specialization and personality are evident. To some extent, the earlier speakers anticipate the later ones, while the later ones show that … read more of Undertaking a Personal Study of The Urantia Book.

Friendly Dissemination

William Sadler Jnr. was one of the 5 Contact Commissioners and Forum member—this is transcript of a tape recording of one of his many lectures to readers in the 1960’s How does the modern sophisticated soul deal with truth, let alone revelations about truth? In the following article we try to frame the question, to … read more of Friendly Dissemination.

Tips on Personal Evangelism

Use humor. When you stand on your dignity and lose your sense of humor you show lack of confidence in what you believe. The argumentative defense of any proposition is inversely proportional to the truth contained. Don’t become involved in argument. You may have facts but not truth as concerns the principles you are dealing with. Value … read more of Tips on Personal Evangelism.

How to Tell People About The Urantia Book

…without telling them about the book How to Discuss Truth Without Imparting Fact A lecture given by William Sadler Jr. to the Seventy November 17, 1949 (This document taken from Marian Rowley’s notes) 1. Symbols A valuable device. Include figures of speech. Can present truth when it is inadvisable to reveal fact. Example: Great White Throne. Before … read more of How to Tell People About The Urantia Book.

Methods of Teaching The Urantia Book

A Thesis prepared for “The Seventy” After choosing the subject for this thesis, my first job seemed to be definition of terms. Just what are “methods of teaching”? Webster gives several definitions of “teaching”, among them the following: “To show; guide; direct; to make to know how; show how; to direct as an instructor; to … read more of Methods of Teaching The Urantia Book.