European Urantia Leadership Meeting

(Adapted from the Meeting Minutes and reports submitted by Chris Moseley, UK and Sebastian Nozzi, Germany) Members of National and Local Urantia Associations in Europe met at the Ibersol Hotel in Sitges, Catalonia 27—29 October 2017 for three days of fellowship and discussion about the present and future of the Urantia movement in Europe. Participants … read more of European Urantia Leadership Meeting.

Online Workshop Series Report

A series of weekly online workshops on the subject, Leadership and Teaching According to The Urantia Book was organized by the Education Committee of Urantia Association International late last year. I would like to thank those who helped to make this an instructive and satisfying experience. Thank you to Gaétan Charland, who presented three beautiful … read more of Online Workshop Series Report.

Effective Urantia Study Group Leadership

Lighting the Way Introduction There was a young man walking down a street one day who saw three people struggling with a piano in a doorway. The piano was wedged tightly, and the three couldn’t move it. Being a good Samaritan, the young man pitched in to help. A half hour later, he paused, mopped … read more of Effective Urantia Study Group Leadership.

Expanding Leaders and Teachers

So you want to be a leader? How about a teacher? Well, they are mostly the same; a lot of work. Work that is challenging, exciting, and fulfilling, but it is difficult at the best of times. This is well known to me as I was part of a group who was asked to build … read more of Expanding Leaders and Teachers.

Creating Leadership Opportunities for Study Group Members

I would like to tell you what was done in our local association, the Urantia Association of Quebec, with study groups and leadership in mind. I’d like to start by saying that the values underlying the actions of our Association are the spirit of “service”, “love” and “brotherhood.” Membership in our Association is voluntary and it provides … read more of Creating Leadership Opportunities for Study Group Members.

Our Mission

One of the most challenging and important aspects of The Urantia Book is its mission to this world. In the foreword of the book, the revelators express part of it by this quote “In our endeavour to expand cosmic consciousness and enhance spiritual perception”. To accomplish this complex task the revelators gave us The Urantia … read more of Our Mission.

Cosmic Leadership

The challenge that I have before you today is to offer some insight into leadership for our mission of developing study groups and sharing this great revelation of God and his universe. I think we are all paused by the realization that leadership is difficult to teach. Leadership is something that depends on experience and … read more of Cosmic Leadership.

Who is A Leader? Serving on the ISB

After finding the book, on a wave of enthusiasm, I decided to try and place it in every public library in my state. Arrangements were made with Urantia Foundation to supply and ship the books. I located and called all the librarians for approval. Together we placed almost a thousand books in Texas public libraries, … read more of Who is A Leader? Serving on the ISB.