Summer Conference in Finland

Finland Summer Conf 2There were about 40 participants at our summer conference which was held 12-14 of June. Most were from Finland, but we were excited to welcome four foreign visitors: Vice President Karmo Kalda and his wife Margit from the Estonian Urantia Association; Antonio Schefer, Chair of Urantia Association International’s Conference Committee, and our Hungarian friend Eva Pap. The theme was “Great thinkers and minds of our time in the light of The Urantia Book.”

Prior to the conference an official annual meeting was held on Friday evening. About 20 of the 82 Association members participated and we went through financial and other important matters as well as electing new board and committee members.

On Saturday morning, the actual conference program began and we listened to presentations given about some famous thinkers and writers whose thoughts in certain areas resembled thoughts presented in The Urantia Book. Those thinkers included people such as Mika Waltari, Eckhardt Tolle, Anthony de Mello, Louise L. Hay and B. Welten.

In the evening, many of us went to a sauna as Finnish people quite often do. It’s said that a sauna will clean and refresh your body and soul.

On Sunday, we began by listening to some beautiful music, followed by a presentation on a national epic of Finland named Kalevala. Kalevala consists of epic poetry from Karelian and Finnish oral folklore and mythology. It is regarded as one of the most significant works of Finnish literature.

Finland-Raimo Universe 3D ImageAfter lunch, I presented a 3D computer presentation of the Universe. This three dimensional presentation starts from the fourth and outermost space level, going inward through the third, second and first outer space level, reaching the Seven Superuniverses, and finally the Central Universe of Havona and Paradise with its satellites.

This image is from my presentation and is a view looking towards the Central Universe.

Raimo Ala-Hynnila
President Finnish Urantia Association