Success Stories – Urantia Books Distribution in Malawi

On February 12th, 2015, I received 120 copies of The Urantia Book from the Urantia Foundation through Urantia Association International’s President Chris Wood. This was the largest shipment that I had received here in Malawi.

I, and our Vice President Brian Mambo, distributed the books to a number of cities. We visited various places and met with people in their homes, offices, prisons, universities, hospitals, and communities. While working on these distributions, we were able to talk with people who became new members of our study group. Below are some of our success stories.

Encounter with Members of Seventh Day Adventist

On the first day of distributing books, I met with ten members of the Seventh Day Adventist church. They asked politely what I was carrying in the carton, and I responded positively that it contained copies of The Urantia Book and from that response, we had a long conversation.

One of them, named Gift Chirwa, asked questions such as: “What is Urantia? What does this book talk about? Where did you get it and how can I know more about the teachings of this book?”

I answered his questions as best as I could seeing as this was the first time they had heard about The Urantia Book, and explained how they could find more information. One of their group, Kristina Kamwendo, said “Thank God today we met with you and on Saturday next week, we will join your group.” Accordingly, the following week they joined my study group, and ever since that day they have been attending our meetings. Each of them has a copy of the book. They have become part of our group and are well disciplined, hard workers, friendly and eager to learn more from us.

Special Visit to the Prisons

I visited two prisons and at Dedza Prison I met with Chifundo Phiri, a prison ward who was very kind to me and requested two books because of the high number of prisoners who are remanded at this prison. Three weeks later, I received a phone call from Chifundo Phiri, the Prison Ward, and this is what he said on the phone “Hello Grevet, I have read part of The Urantia Book which you left here at the prison and it’s a very good book. Therefore, I would like to join your study group.”

At our next meeting, he and his wife attended and we welcomed them. Since then, he and his wife have been coming to our meetings regularly.

Placement in Libraries

Malawi-LibraryI visited four libraries but I was very impressed with Lilongwe National Library. When I first went there I could not find the librarian because he was not in his office. I then went there the following day and was able to meet him; his name is Patrick Chilombe. After being given the book and looking at it he said, “This is a good book with detailed information. I like it and I will put it on the shelf once I have finished reading it.”

One week later, he called me requesting two more books because his library is one of the biggest in Lilongwe city. As per his request, I gave him two books, for which he was very grateful.

Placement in Universities

I visited two universities: Kamuzu College of Nursing and Malawi College of Medicine; each of them received three books. But when I went to Malawi College of Medicine, I was glad to meet with a lecturer of Epidemiology named Dr.Sarah Mwale. She received the books and said, “I will be the first person at this campus to read this book.” Three months later, she requested a copy of her own use and I gave her one. During this second visit, I had an opportunity to submit my application for BSc. studies to her. Some weeks later, I was accepted to further my studies but due to a lack of funds, I reserved the place for the January 2016 intake, hoping that along the way I might find sponsorship. If I hadn’t done the book distribution to her library, I would not have been able to meet with Dr. Sarah Mwale.

Placement in Hospitals

I visited and was allowed to place copies of The Urantia Book in five government hospitals: Kamuzu Central Hospital, Kawale Health Centre, Chiwamba Health Centre, Kang’oma Health Centre and Chifundo Clinic. Each hospital received three books which were placed in the adult wards. One of the nurse supervisors named Idah Nkhoma of Kamuzu Central Hospital, the biggest hospital in Malawi, thanked me for visiting the hospital and said: “Thank you very much for donating three books to our hospital.”

Among Urantia Book Readers in Malawi

Each of the members of our Urantia Association of Malawi was given a copy of the book. I had an opportunity to visit members in their homes and also distributed copies at our study group meetings.

One of our long-time Urantia Book readers, Thomson Singini, expressed his gratitude and said, “Many thanks to Urantia Foundation, Urantia Association International President and others for their contributions. May God bless them all.” One month later, we welcomed her cousin who had read part of The Urantia Book and was interested to know more. She later joined our study group.

Another long-time Urantia Book reader commented “This is great. I like the book; it’s beautiful and it has a strong cover.”

All were thankful and grateful to have received the book.


In general, we had a very successful distribution exercise. However, in some areas, there were some difficulties due to lack of knowledge because so many people have never seen this book before.

Others felt compelled to come back to me and testify. James Banda testifies that, “Wow, this book is great and has wonderful teachings and I will keep reading until I get to the last paper.” Statements like this clearly show that The Urantia Book is a good book and can transform the lives of many people.

During the distribution period, we had some challenges, especially walking long distances with boxes of Urantia Books since we had no funds for vehicle transportation. In the slums of Lilongwe city where I am now based most of the people are illiterate and were not interested; such being the case, I did not distribute copies there.

Grevet Moyo
President- Urantia Association of Malawi