Remembering Jesus on His Birthday

Happy birthday to Jesus of Nazareth, Michael of Nebadon our Creator Father, on this, the 2026th anniversary of the inauguration of his 7th self-bestowal, right here on Urantia. What might he ask for on this anniversary?

…Jesus wished to develop spiritual insight into eternal realities and to stimulate initiative in the originality of living; he concerned himself exclusively with the underlying and permanent spiritual needs of the human race…. [Paper 140:8:31, page 1583.5]

…Jesus wanted not only the mortals of this world but the onlookers of innumerable other worlds to know that, when doubts exist as to the sincerity and wholeheartedness of a creature’s devotion to the kingdom, it is the invariable practice of the Judges of men fully to receive the doubtful candidate…. [Paper 139:12:7, page 1566.6]

…Jesus wanted his children on earth to live as though they were already citizens of the completed heavenly kingdom…. [Paper 140:8:25, page 1582.6]