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This document is a compilation of the activities of the Progressive Divine Wisdom Group (PDWG) during 2022.

It is worth noting that the initiatives outlined in this progress report are a continuation of three meetings held as part of the Dakar summits of February 2018, February 2019 and February 2020. This report comes after the reports of 2020, 2021 and 2022, which have also been published.

The objective of these initiatives is to promote the Progressive Divine Wisdom method. This method, developed by Moussa Ndiaye, consists in facilitating the ownership of the truths of The Urantia Book through a teaching method based on an understanding and living experience as part of education and sharing. It is based on the model of the life and teachings of the Creator Son of our Local Universe, during his incarnation in the flesh.

Moussa and the DPWG of Dakar in 1981

Since receiving The Urantia Book from Jacques Weiss in the 1960s, Moussa created a question and answer group in 1973, which evolved into the Progressive Divine Wisdom Group. Five of Moussa’s oldest students have decided to perpetuate the spirit and method of this educational approach for several years.

To this end, the founding members of this initiative have officially created the group called “Groupe de Sagesse Divine Progressive” (Progressive Divine Wisdom Group) in compliance with the Law of Senegal, in order to promote the method in a more professional way. This was done on the basis of experience acquired over forty years, the lessons learned from these teachings, and the requests of the students.

In the wake of this initiative, the Progressive Divine Wisdom Group initiated, with the goodwill of persons who support this approach, the creation of a website to inform and facilitate the training of students who wish to deepen their knowledge of this wisdom based on the truths of The Urantia Book and, eventually, to share it with future educators.

To date, students of the Progressive Divine Wisdom method are divided into different study groups or receive training individually, depending on the particular situation. The groups include:

GSDP Mamadou, Moustapha, Amsata, Khatabe and Assane
  • French and Canadian students, including truth seekers from Belgium, Reunion, Comoro and some from African countries. This group met every Friday in 2022 from January to the end of October.
  • French-speaking African students from Africa and the Diaspora. It is composed of a dozen members who have met every Saturday afternoon since mid-September 2021.
  • Haitian Students from the island of Haiti and the United States. It is composed of a dozen members who meet on Sunday every three weeks.

In addition to these group fellowship meetings, Progressive Divine Wisdom students receive training sessions from qualified educators. This is done in zoom sessions, adapted to specific situations. This training is given to a total number of over fifty people of sixteen nationalities, in sixteen countries on three continents.

Conclusions, Evaluations, and Perspectives

The following objectives, which were outlined in the 2022 activity report, have been achieved:

  1. Twelve students of the Progressive Divine Wisdom from ten different nationalities (Senegal, Congo, Ivory Coast, France, Canada, Guinea, Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Chad, Reunion, Comoro) are in the process of becoming future educators, and several others have confirmed their commitment to this effect.
  2. We created an online website (in French and in English) to promote the training method and the organization of the training itself. To date, several people are ready to start the training, based on the presentation made on the website at:
  3. You can visit the website and send us your feedback to School of Progressive Divine Wisdom
  4. A total of 53 people from 16 countries and 3 continents, have been receiving the Progressive Divine Wisdom teachings on a regular basis in 2022. Of these, 12 are expected to share the teachings as future educators. Among this number of people who have received the training, there are 17 women and 36 men, a ratio of 32% women.
  5. The prospects for collaboration with associations involved in promoting the revelations of The Urantia Book are positive, as are those concerning a more active involvement of women and young people. One of our big challenges for 2023 is to organize a Conference in Dakar by the end of 2023.
  6. In total, more than 280 issues, topics, and themes were addressed in 2022, including training sessions by the African, European, American, and Haitian groups. This was done during 93 Zoom sessions held in 2022 (38 with the European Group, 46 with the African Group and 9 with the Haitian Group). This does not take into account the more specific sessions with students. Of these 280 topics, 116 were discussed with the African Group, 100 with the European Group and 64 with the Haitian Group.

The objectives for the year 2023 are as follows:

  1. Consolidating the achievements and optimizing the possibilities offered by the website to promote the method internationally.
  2. The reinforcement of ongoing initiatives, to further involve English-speaking readers in Africa and in the world on the Progressive Divine Wisdom method.
  3. Providing technical means to reinforce and ensure the sustainability of the Progressive Divine Wisdom training.
  4. The continuation of experience sharing with the groups of readers and associations affiliated with Urantia Association.
  5. The continuation of a wider and more lasting collaboration with individual readers, readers’ associations, study groups, and people of good will. This will enable us to develop and realize a more planetary, coordinated vision of our relationship with God, according to the revelations of The Urantia Book and the guidance of the Spirit of Truth.
  6. Awareness and training of younger people to sustain the gains and address the future challenges of sharing the truths of the fifth epochal revelation.
  7. Organization of a Conference in Dakar by the end of 2023 in order to share the method of the DPWG and to promote the truths and teachings of The Urantia Book.