Program for 24-Hour Urantiathon

Faith, Joy, & Peace

The countdown has begun for our next 24-hour online Urantiathon which will take place starting Saturday January 30, 2021 UTC time. To help coordinate our watches, the event will begin at the following times across the globe:

New York: Friday 29th Jan 7:00 PM to Saturday 7:00 PM
Amsterdam: Saturday 30th Jan 1:00 AM to Sunday 1:00 AM
Sydney: Saturday 30th Jan 11:00 AM to Sunday 11:00 AM
Sao Paulo: Friday 29th Jan 9:00 PM to Saturday 9:00 PM

The program is still incomplete so keep checking this space in for updates.

Sao PauloNew YorkSydneyAmsterdamPresenterTopic
Fri to SatFri to SatSat to SunSat to Sun
9:00pm7:00pm11:00am1:00amMarjorie Ray (USA)Comfort & Joy!… More Than a Christmas Carol (English)
10:00pm8:00pm12:00pm2:00amDavid Kulieke (USA)Evolution (English)
11:00pm9:00pm1:00pm3:00amUUI Cafe (Global)Trinitized Sons of God (English)
12:00am10:00pm2:00pm4:00amUUI Cafe (Global)Trinitized Sons of God (English)
1:00am11:00pm3:00pm5:00amSuzanne Kelly (USA)The Taiwanese Community(English)
2:00am12:00am4:00pm6:00amMarion Steward (New Zealand)The Challenges of Diversity – the Never-Ending Adventure (English)
3:00am1:00am5:00pm7:00amMerindi Swadling (Australia)Imagination (English)
4:00am2:00am6:00pm8:00amAreke van Tuijl (Netherlands)Celebration of Spiritual Growth (English)
5:00am3:00am7:00pm9:00amManuela Tornow (Germany)Joy (English)
6:00am4:00am8:00pm10:00amAde Awoyinka (England)Credit Where Credit is Due: Do You Dare to Draw on Your Personality Credits? (English)
7:00am5:00am9:00pm11:00amOlga Lopez
The Pursuit of Happiness and The Urantia Book Teachings (English)
8:00am6:00am10:00pm12:00pmGuy Perron, Agnes Lazar  (Belgium)The Two Sides of Spiritual Progress (English)
9:00am7:00am11:00pm1:00pmBarry Culligan (Ireland)Faith, Joy, Peace, and Revelation (English)
10:00am8:00am12:00am2:00pmAnna Zeven (Netherlands)Faith, the True Savior (English)
11:00am9:00am1:00am3:00pmMairam Durand (Peru)Este es el verdadero creyente (Spanish & English)
12:00pm10:00am2:00am4:00pmLourdes Burga-Cisneros (Peru)En búsqueda del gozo del existir consciente (Spanish & English)
1:00pm11:00am3:00am5:00pmLourdes Burga-Cisneros (Peru)En búsqueda del gozo del existir consciente (Spanish & English)
2:00pm12:00pm4:00am6:00pmTapio Pulli (Estonia)About Secularism (English)
3:00pm1:00pm5:00am7:00pmRamiro Jarkin (Mexico)Determinaciones en amor/Decisions of Love (Spanish & English)
4:00pm2:00pm6:00am8:00pmNemias Mol (Brasil)Cada vez mais branco (Portuguese, Spanish & English)
5:00pm3:00pm7:00am9:00pmCarlos Gil, Isabel Reinoso (Colombia)Un ideal de vida (Spanish & English)
6:00pm4:00pm8:00am10:00pmGard Jameson (USA)(English)
7:00pm5:00pm9:00am11:00pmDr James Perry (USA)The Experiential Consideration of Faith, Peace, and Joy (English)
8:00pm6:00pm10:00am12:00amPato Banton, Antoinette Rootsdawtah (USA)Celebrations & Loving Conversations with Pato & Antoinette (English)