Pereira Book Fair 2018

During the six days of the Feria del Libro de Pereira 2018 (Pereira Book Fair), from October 2 to 7, 2018, about 20,000 people entered the Convention Center of Pereira, also known as Expofuturo, to enjoy the event. We found that a surprising number of people throughout this coffee growing region know about The Urantia Book or are reading it independently.

Volunteers gathered in the midst of a beautiful landscape, with a slight aroma of coffee in the air and a cozy family atmosphere. They were led by Elaine Restrepo, with the help of the Urantia Association of Bogota. In all, there were fourteen volunteers from Cali, Santa Rosa de Cabal, Bogota and, of course, Pereira.

Of all visitors, over 5,000 were students from different municipalities of Risaralda and the neighboring municipality of Cartago. These young people showed a great interest in knowing The Urantia Book, both for the many topics it contains and for the message it conveys.

We distributed about 4,000 flyers in the form of a brochure, as well as 2,000 leaflets with more detailed information to those who showed greater interest, and another 1,000 cards with contact information to those who are reading the book or who expressed an interest.

We were pleased to make the revelation known and, in this process, to deepen knowledge, practice the teachings and, above all, to grow in consciousness.

Esperanza Tovar
Urantia Bogotá Association Secretary