Overview of Study Group Symposium 2014

In its effort to promote its mission to foster study of The Urantia Book and to disseminate its teachings, Urantia Association International organized a Study Group Symposium that was held 11 to 14 June 2014. This is the second initiative in a series of symposiums that have been focusing on a particular important aspect of our mission. The first was the Leadership Symposium in 2011.

As per the directive stated in the Publication Mandate to create thousands of study groups, this event was entirely dedicated to study groups and organized for the purpose of helping study groups hosts improve the quality of their groups.

The plenary presentations and workshops were focused on the objective to improve not only what was happening in the study groups, but also to help hosts acquire a better spiritual perspectives on the mission of study groups and to improve the spiritual and intellectual context of how study groups are managed. The curriculum of the program responded to the present challenge of helping to increase the number of study groups as well as the quality of their intellectual and spiritual purposes.

From the comments made by many of its participants and organizers alike, we can conclude that this was one of the most productive and well-liked events organized to help serious readers acquire a better understanding and focus on the mission of The Urantia Book.

We invite you to experience a taste for what the symposium had to offer by viewing some videos of plenary presentations and also articles of some of the presentations.