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Service to the Urantia Community

Urantia Association International’s Education Committee is honored to serve the Urantia Community by organizing webinars and workshops in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, with the purpose of providing opportunities for study and reflection, as well as cultivating friendships among members of our community around the world.

When the pandemic began, our online activities intensified, offering more opportunities to come together to share learning moments and help each other to get through these difficult times.

The service of the presenters in studying and sharing their sincere understandings of the revelation, has tremendous didactic and spiritual value. The efforts to acquire knowledge and teach by sharing one’s discernment fulfills the universal method of learning and imparting the teaching to others, a method also used in the school of evangelists in Bethsaida as organized by Jesus.

As you journey toward your Paradise goal, constantly acquiring added knowledge and enhanced skill, you are continuously afforded the opportunity to give out to others the wisdom and experience you have already accumulated; all the way in to Havona you enact the role of a pupil-teacher. … In the universal regime you are not reckoned as having possessed yourself of knowledge and truth until you have demonstrated your ability and your willingness to impart this knowledge and truth to others. [Paper 25:4.12, page 279.13]

Peter, James, and Andrew were the committee designated by Jesus to pass upon applicants for admission to the school of evangelists. All the races and nationalities of the Roman world and the East, as far as India, were represented among the students in this new school of the prophets. This school was conducted on the plan of learning and doing. What the students learned during the forenoon they taught to the assembly by the seaside during the afternoon. After supper they informally discussed both the learning of the forenoon and the teaching of the afternoon. [Paper 148:1.1, page 1657.6]

The narrator goes on to say:

Each of the apostolic teachers taught his own view of the gospel of the kingdom. They made no effort to teach just alike; there was no standardized or dogmatic formulation of theologic doctrines. Though they all taught the same truth, each apostle presented his own personal interpretation of the Master’s teaching. And Jesus upheld this presentation of the diversity of personal experience in the things of the kingdom, unfailingly harmonizing and co-ordinating these many and divergent views of the gospel at his weekly question hours. [Paper 148:1.2, page 1658.1]

So, to share our views and personal experiences with divine truth is positive and instructive for others. In this way, we inspire our fellows to live the teachings, motivate them to grow in spirit, and disseminate the revelation.

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