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We’re Going For It!

Something unique is coming out of Africa. Something exciting is building in Latin America. Urantia Association International has been going for broke stoking the flames of these growing epicenters for our Urantia revelation, and it is working—there is a true global Urantia movement developing here on our wayward world… and we have a shortfall of $50,000!

We need your help right now to fund the next round of community building.

Taken by itself, The Urantia Book is merely a static collection of words. It requires an adventurous, courageous, truth-seeking spirit to take those words and transform them into a living revelation of God. We are social creatures by nature and want to share our new understandings of Deity with like-minded religionists. And that connection often makes the difference between a person continuing with The Urantia Book or putting it aside.

If people don’t connect with others, books can end up sitting on dusty shelves.

There are now more than one million copies of The Urantia Book in the world, and this is an amazing achievement of generations of collective energies and efforts. Now is the time to make an equal commitment to building the Urantia community.

Urantia Association has friends on the ground and hearts in service across the globe, uniting students of the revelation. Our projects are funded by people like you; they are not funded by other organizations or some benevolent megadonor. We build conferences in Africa and Latin America $20 at a time.

Now is the time to support our Urantia community with the same zeal as creating new translations and new editions of The Urantia Book. From this point forward, every dollar spent to create another copy of the book should be matched with an equal dollar to help build these emerging Urantia communities.

Urantia Association has gone for broke in Africa and Latin America, and it is working! But we are in a $50,000 hole to fund the work that needs to be done this year.

Will you please make a commitment to support our work?

With deep gratitude,

Chris Wood
Urantia Association International

Static truth is dead truth, and only dead truth can be held as a theory. Living truth is dynamic and can enjoy only an experiential existence in the human mind. [Paper 180:5.2, page 1949.4]

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