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Program for Global Seeding

Urantia Association’s Global Seeding Fund provides financial support for projects intended to spread the teachings of The Urantia Book and to disseminate the book itself. It also supports regional groups and associations in their efforts to supply study groups with books, support materials, teachers and organizers, to participate in national and local book fairs, and to place books in libraries. Funds have also been used to make books available to book stores in isolated regions where there is no commercial book distribution available. The following are some stories of the successes made possible by the Global Seeding Fund.

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Esther’s Book Fair Story

Esther Andrade Burgos, Bogotá, Colombia

Global seeding of The Urantia Book and its teachings at book fairs is changing lives.

It was a Saturday afternoon in April of 2015 when my brother invited me to visit the Bogotá Book Fair. We toured various booths without much interest and without much eagerness, until we were almost leaving at the end of the afternoon when an image of Jesus caught my attention. So much so that I would dare to say that he invited me to approach the booth where a couple of people shared a smile with me.  When I asked what the image of the universe was about, there ensued a 40-minute conversation that captured me, and a certainty arose within me that I had arrived at a place where my questions would be finally resolved. From that day and each day, The Urantia Book is my main reading.

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Andrés’ Book Fair Story

Andrés Ramirez, Bogotá, Colombia 

A true story of a life that was changed:

I have been a reader of The Urantia Book who read alone since 1995 until April 2001, when I attended the Bogotá International Book Fair. It was there for the first time I met other readers of The Urantia Book at a booth some volunteers had rented. I was so happy and surprised to know about the existence of a group of readers in my city. And, I learned that there was a Urantia Association in this city as well. At that time I didn’t suspect I was going to be so involved in the future with this organization at the administrative and personal level.

I must confess I had some fears about the nature of this organization and the type of meetings they had, so it took me about a year before finally deciding to contact anyone. After getting in touch with the readers and study groups, I soon made very good friends and my understanding of the book started to grow exponentially. And, even though I didn’t understand the differences between the Urantia organizations, their structure or their relationship with study groups, I started to volunteer in the projects of the association, and little by little I learned.

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Reflections – Volunteers at Book Fairs

Mairam, Peru & José, Bolivia

Peru 2017

Mairam Durand from Peru says:

The main objective of the book fair was not to sell books—even though each one of them was sold—but to disseminate the teachings of The Urantia Book. It is only by experience that we truly comprehend that there are people searching for answers, seekers of truth. And who better than children and youngsters—with their thirst of knowledge, observing it all—to generate questioning? One morning a 7-year old child who was holding the hand of his 5-year old little sister, approached me, and coming close asked, ‘Could you tell me where God is?’ At first I was surprised, because people normally start asking ‘What is The Urantia Book?’ or ‘What is Urantia?’ This beautiful being of only 7-years old went straight to the point… ‘Where is God?’ I put my hand on his heart and told him, ‘Here.’ There was no surprise, not even doubt, in his eyes! He clearly understood and continued with the questioning: ‘How do I to talk to him? Does he listen to me? Where does he live?’ Then, quickly the little sister, next to him, stared at the universe banner and pointed her little finger towards Havona, and said, ‘There, right?’ I was simply amazed by the simplicity of their questions and the rapidity of their understanding. Then we talked about the meaning of loving each other as siblings, for that is what The Urantia Book teaches us when reading it. I consider that my experience, as part of the team in charge of the Urantia booth, was far more than a simple trip to the book fair; it was a journey of adventures that helped me to comprehend that there are no barriers, and that everything moves and flows in order to increase understanding of where we are.

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Book Fairs in Latin American

Andrés Ramirez, Bogotá

Between 2016 to 2018, donations to the Association’s Global Seeding Fund supported book fairs in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Costa Rica, and a Spanish book fair in Miami, Florida USA. Latin American students have been present at book fairs for many years now and the amount of people who have come into contact with The Urantia Book because of these events is remarkable.

In 2018 alone at the book fair in Bogotá, Colombia, over 500,000 people attended, 43 students of The Urantia Book volunteered in the booth, over 50,000 handouts were distributed, 70 books were sold, and around 70 people from the public attended educational workshops about the book. And this seeding of the revelation in Latin American will continue year after year with your support.

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