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Journal Editorial – August 2015

The Journal for August 2015 is now ready to read. You can view it on the website at http://urantia-association.org/publications/uai-journal/journal-archives/. (Choose ‘2015 No.3’)

The following is from Suzanne Kelly, Chief Editor describing the articles in this issue:

Suzanne KellyGreetings fellow Journal Readers,

In the third edition of the Journal for 2015 our contributors from the lands ‘Down Under’ will bring us six marvelously engaging excursions to the transcendental  realms of truth, which are currently hidden in the tumultuous world of the 21st century.  The authors bid you to embark upon the multiple itineraries of inspiration they have gathered that might take you there.

Julian McGarry has furnished us with the quintessential starting point in “The Spirit of Truth – “This is the way!” which was originally presented in Canberra in 2013.  Julian first reviews the “critical role of the Spirit of Truth with respect to the ministries of the Holy Spirit and the Thought Adjusters,” and then  gives us a “‘micro’ view—our personal experience of the Spirit of Truth—his function and manifestation in our daily lives. I would like to transport you in your mind to the upper room where Jesus and his apostles were gathered to celebrate his final Passover before he returned to the right hand of his Father.”  Julian escorts us first through the experience of the Apostles and shows us how today “the Spirit of Truth offers us more! We can enjoy daily, moment by moment enhanced fellowship with Michael of Nebadon!”

Our second contributor Nigel Nunn grants us an informative rest stop on our expedition and reveals another panoramic view to absorb in his “Making Truth Accessible.”  He commences the access by asking “when we choose to believe that something is true, what’s really going on? “  He introduces us to the “three cosmic intuitions” the “Spirit of Fact” of the Divine Minister of Salvington  … who makes it possible for us to know, to discriminate fact from figment”.  Then in taking a clue from this comment in The Urantia Book,

Faith most willingly carries reason along as far as reason can go and then goes on with wisdom to the full philosophic limit; and then it dares to launch out upon the limitless and never-ending universe journey in the sole company of TRUTH. [Paper 103:9.7, page 1141.5]

Nigel leaves us with this premise “it’s not faith, but the person wielding faith, that chooses to dare to launch. This kind of “TRUTH” lives beyond that “full philosophic limit.” 

In our third trek along the trails of truth, Marion Steward gives us a delightful and insightful reality check with her discovery of the “Surprises from the Undercover Boss”.  Marion familiarizes us with the consummate undercover boss whom she discovered in The Urantia Book;

“What is the purpose of the bestowal missions?  They provide the Creator sons the opportunity to acquire the viewpoint of [their] own creatures by actual experience in the environment of their existence and as these very creatures themselves, and in so doing, gain the patience born of experiential creature existence’.” [Paper 119:0.6, page 1309:0] 

She starts with “a brief survey of some fascinating facts, which we had either no clue about before the book, or had incorrect ideas.”   Marion cleverly deduces “some of what I consider to be compelling concepts, beginning with one of my personal favorites, Women and Men are equal in the universe! “  I must say Marion it is one of my favorites as well.   All of the revelations she discovered in this essay I discovered too and revisiting them is just as thrilling and comforting as the first time!  Our Father truly knows our tribulations and triumphs, as he is and was one of us.

Our fourth tour of truth discovery continues with “Truth and Sonship” from our own Verner Verass.   He had me cheering from the back of the bus when he revealed “We have the capacity for truth recognition built into us…trust it as a child. In this complex time of confusion it is the one dependable confirmation of what is really true”.  Vern also emphasizes many truisms within The Urantia Book regarding our Sonship and the most important one being that “we know knowledge is only possessed by sharing…cooperation…Knowledge is possessed only by sharing; it is safeguarded by wisdom and socialized by love. [Paper 48:7.28, page 557:12] emphasis added.

The final stop on our adventure in truth is also from Vern Verass  “The Door is Open Let All Those Who Will, Come.  In this short and to be continued article we realize that our Father’s truths are available and open to all who seek them.  Vern faithfully examines the “five specific instances of the phrase “all who will” in The Urantia Book, yet it contains hundreds of other references to the fact we are drawn to embark on this glorious ascension career to Paradise in response to the loving call to perfection.”  …. “These are everlastingly true words of salvation…..a promise of life in abundance for” – “whosoever will.”

Truth is not a word or explanation per’se – but an extension of Deity that each man must weigh. Then acceptance exerted oppresses fear and the boundaries of infinity become increasingly near. As is all of nature, all of man, all possibility, all time in one span…

Suzanne Kelly
[email protected]