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Global Seeding Program

Funds Needed to Ship Books to Malawi, Zambia, Ukraine
and the Philippines


DSC01100Urantia Association’s Fund Raising Committee has launched a campaign to raise funds for the Association’s Global Seeding Program. All donations will be used to ship The Urantia Book where no commercial distribution agencies exist—in Malawi, Zambia, Ukraine, the Philippines, as well as the Indian Subcontinent and Eastern Europe. An ambitious, but realistic goal to raise $12,500 (USD) by July, 2015 is needed to purchase, ship, deliver, and distribute these books.

By sending books to countries and communities without normal commercial book distribution, you can help our fellow readers—many of whom share books at study groups—to spread the revelation in their country.

They need our help! It costs $125 (USD) to deliver one case of books to these eager readers. In order to reach our goal of shipping one hundred cases to these underserved countries, many generous donors are needed. Please consider making a one-time or a monthly contribution to this worthy project.

(Note: Urantia Association now has its own secure donation page making it easier to donate online)


The worldwide Urantia Book readership is rapidly growing in countries outside of North America. While in the English speaking world, the book is widely available through commercial book channels, politics and poverty continue to conspire to limit access to the Revelation in much of the world.

The Urantia Foundation has spent decades creating distribution networks which have made the book commercially available to truth seekers and religionists in the developed countries. But, to extend their reach, the Foundation is working with Urantia Association to find ways and means to deliver the book to areas where it is not otherwise available.

Under this plan, the cost of the book itself, as well as shipping and delivery costs, are provided by those of us who already have the Revelation and are committed to its dissemination. The distribution of these donated books is completed by the personal hand-to-hand ministry of members of the Associations who serve via the National and Local Urantia Associations and local study groups. These willing volunteers also work to place books in local bookstores and libraries, developing future opportunities for normal commercial distribution and availability.

Thousands of books have been disseminated in this way. And those mustard seeds are growing into fruit-bearing trees resulting in this call for thousands more Urantia Books by our Association’s local leadership around the world. The books delivered by this project will seldom be sold to generate funds for the Foundation or the Association.

Members of the International Service Board are excited by the growing demand for books and other services that the Association can help with: organizing events, providing teachers and leaders, and assisting with communications and networking systems. We are working to develop systems and procedures for this ever increasing opportunity of putting Urantia Books into the hands of truth seekers and fellow pilgrims. Thank you for your support and generosity for this project.

Chris Wood – President
Bradly Tharp – Treasurer