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The Gift of Giving

You Give the Gifts… We Pass Them On

Dear Friends,

I would like to introduce you to Grevet Moyo of Malawi. Grevet has served the Urantia community faithfully for many years, fostering the growth of the Malawi Association from just seven members to well over 100 today.

In 2015, Urantia Association International helped arrange a special pallet of 120 books to be shipped to Malawi under Grevet’s care. He arranged to distribute these books to study groups, libraries, and universities, often by foot as there was no other means of transportation available. Grevet had worked as a public health educator, but when the grant funds were eliminated, he was without work and he, his wife and two young children moved to the slums of Lilongwe.

While delivering books to the library at the University of Malawi, Grevet had a chance encounter with a professor at the College of Medicine. They spoke, he gave her a book, and she encouraged him to apply to study with them. Of course, he was accepted to study Epidemiology, but lacking any hope of public scholarships or loans, he had to turn down the opportunity.

Later, when discussing his distribution experiences, his fellow Urantia Book students were moved to help him go to college. They raised money privately and were able to provide for his education.

Grevet Moyo just graduated from the University of Malawi with a degree in Epidemiology.

The Global Seeding Fund sets a series of dominoes in motion, the chain reaction results we can never foresee.

Will you please join me in honoring Grevet, his family, and the group of loving Urantia Book students who changed his life? Please make a year-end contribution of the Global Seeding Fund? As a general rule, $100 makes it possible to place a case of books into the world to work their wonders. We still need about $10,000 to fully fund their operations in 2019.

Grevet says,

“I have also learned many great things from my Urantia brothers and sisters who contributed to my tuition fees. I have learned about sharing, kindness, generosity and praying for each other. Although I have had many challenges in this life, God has been faithful and merciful to me. It was God who gave me the strength to walk long distances while carrying heavy cartons of books, and by God’s grace, the tuition fees were paid at the university.”

Congratulations Grevet!

In service,
Chris Wood

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