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European Urantia Conference – Budapest

15-18 September 2016
Budapest, Hungary
Novotel Budapest Centrum

Who is jesus onlyTheme: “Who is Jesus?”

Hosted by: The Blue Club
Sponsored by: Urantia Association International and Urantia Foundation

On behalf of the Blue Club (European Urantia Book Readers) it is with great pleasure to announce the European Urantia Conference, to be held in Budapest, Hungary 15 to 18 September 2016.

The Blue Club has been working hard to create this event in Eastern Europe. They chose the historical city of Budapest to hold this international conference in an effort to unite the east with the west. Their last meeting was in Berlin 2014. Fifty five Urantia Book readers participated in that event.

The aim of this conference is to discuss questions about Jesus with the theme: “Who is Jesus?” To get an idea of the topics to be discussed, the following is a sample of the program:

  • Two in one – one in two: How can a man be God? Jesus’ double nature as the old problem of Christianity(Christian Ruch)
  • The Morning Star of all religions (Nils Christian Nüsse)
  • Jesus – the first marketing manager (Karmo Kalda)
  • Jesus’ financial expertise (Johan Vanderwalle)
  • Workshop: The life and times of Jesus (Ade Awoyînka)
  • Jesus Christ Superstar – The many faces of Jesus in art (Risto Mäntynen and Eija Seppänen-Bolotinski)
  • The life of Jesus as an example for humanity (Tamila Ragimova)
  • The nature and impact for mankind of the “Spirit of Truth”(Bernhard Mertens)
  • Jesus’ social aggressiveness and sincere interest in all kinds of people (Mike MacIsaac)
  • Jesus‘ attitude towards different religions – how we live this today? (Doris Calmel)
  • Jesus’ attitude towards children (Anton Miroshnichenko)
  • Workshop: As she passes by, Bringing Jesus’s teachings to life (Carrie Prentice, Doreen Heyne, Katharina Becker and Line St-Pierre)
  • Jesus: Our everlasting relationship (Richard Jernigan)
  • Jesus and the launching of the gospel movement (Jeffrey Wattles)
  • The probable future of Jesus’ religion (Peep Söber)
  • The value of training leaders (Gaetan Charland)

Novotel Hotel BudapestWith a program like that, this is an event not to be missed!! Urantia Book readers from all around the world are welcome to join this unique Continental Conference.

Registrations must be made no later than 7 September 2016.

For further detailed information on registration, the venue and sponsorship visit http://urantia-association.org/2016/04/03/european-urantia-conference/