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Covid-19 and 2021 International Conference, Peru

Important Announcement

The organizing committee of the 11th Urantia Association International Conference, which was scheduled to take place in the city of Urubamba, Cusco-Peru, in April of 2021, regret to announce that due to the global crisis resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been left with no choice but to cancel this conference.

As organizers we have been constantly tracking the unfolding of events both globally and locally in order to evaluate the situation and make a final decision on whether to cancel the event or not. But now the Peruvian government has recently issued an official statement by which all large events for leisure, religious, and/or sporting will be prohibited until the end of April of 2021 after which a further decision will be made.

However, in place of a physical face-to-face conference, and adapting to our very much changed present-day life circumstances, we hope to hold an interactive online virtual experience which we want to be global, inclusive, and highly spiritual—an event that will be much needed, albeit in a virtual format. Stay tuned for more on that one.

We truly wish to thank all of you who have expressed a desire to join us in Peru and have already registered. For those who have paid the registration fee, please be assured your payment will be refunded. We are currently working out the details for arranging refunds, and in the next few weeks we will be able to let you know more. In relation to your hotel bookings, we as organizers are cancelling the room reservations you have already made in the various hotels. Needless to say… please do not book any flights to Peru.

Although we cannot offer you a physical conference for the planned dates anymore, we do however hope that in the future—if and when circumstances allow it—and if you are still interested in coming to Peru—we will be able and willing to show you our country and offer you spiritual travels and/or workshops, and invite you to our national meetings that can be held in both Spanish and English.

We pray that you remain tranquil and steadfast in your faith as we put ourselves in the hands of the Father. We send our best wishes to all of you in the global Urantia Book reader community.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. (See contact details below.)

In brotherhood and sisterhood,

Lourdes Burga-Cisneros
Peru Urantia Associaiton
Email: [email protected]

Antonio Schefer
Conference Committee Chair
Urantia Association International
Email: [email protected]