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Counting the Hours – 24-hour Online Urantia Conference

We’re In This Together!

Just a few more hours before the start of another 24-hour online, global Urantia conference event. Here are the times in 3 major cities of the main continents to help you adjust to your own time zone:

New York: Friday 8:00pm to Saturday 8:00pm
London: Saturday 1:00am to Sunday 1:00am
Sydney: Saturday 10.00am to Sunday 10:00am


As the world continues to practice social isolation to help slow the effects of Covid-19, the Urantia Community is coming together again to offer another extraordinary online event to help bring people together.

For this second 24-hour online conference Event—We’re In This Together!—Urantia Association will be joined by the Education Committees of Urantia Foundation, the Urantia Book Fellowship, and Urantia University Institute to bring 24 unique presentations from around the world. The final presentation will be a jointly held open meeting of the three Presidents of the Association, Foundation and Fellowship to discuss our visions for the future of the Urantia Community and to answer questions for attendees.

Please join us during any of the above time frames by following this Zoom link:

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 617 494 9574

or via our Facebook site  facebook.com/urantia.association

Enjoy the conference!

In service,

Chris Wood
Urantia Association International