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Count Down to 24-hour Urantia Event

A Reward of Isolation!

Just a few more hours before the start of Urantia Association’s 24-hour online, global Urantia event.┬áHere are the times in 3 major cities of the major continents to help you adjust to your own time zone:

New York: Friday 8:00pm to Saturday 8:00pm
London: Friday midnight to Saturday midnight
Sydney: Saturday 11.00am to Sunday 11:00am


With people around the world being asked to practice social isolation to help slow the effects of the Corona virus, Urantia Association is offering this extraordinary online event to help bring people together.

You may join us in the Zoom meeting room any time during that 24-hour period by clicking on this zoom link:

Meeting ID: 617 494 9574

(If you haven’t used Zoom before, when you click on the above link it will prompt you to download the free Zoom program.)

or you can view the event on Urantia Association’s Facebook at: facebook.com/urantia.association

Read More for the program on the website

Enjoy the conference!

In service,

Chris Wood
Urantia Association International