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Annual Report 2018

Urantia Association International’s Annual Report for 2018 is now available for your review. This year we have produced the report online as a “mini-site” where you can easily navigate around the various sections. (Click on the link below.)

To quote Chris Wood from his President’s Report:

“The expansion of Urantia Association International across the globe is truly inspiring to those of us who have dedicated ourselves to the spread of The Urantia Book and its teachings. We are seeing exponential growth of revelation-focused study and service right before our eyes. Urantia Association is in constant movement, developing strategies to meet the social and spiritual needs of the worldwide communities we serve.

“Behind every strong organization is a large pool of experienced leaders; our organizational structure ensures the rotation of volunteers willing to step forward and serve. If you are ready to serve, we are ready to offer you rich opportunities. By working together, hand in hand, hundreds of volunteers are fulfilling this trust and proving the power of a simple truth: ‘In liaison with God, nothing—absolutely nothing—is impossible.'”

Enjoy reading!

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