Michael’s Plan

Following is an Open Letter to the Urantia Community that was written by a team of co-authors who state: “The students of The Urantia Book, whose names appear below, believe that this revelation is best served by following Michael’s Plan, to the best of our ability to understand it.”

Open Letter to the Urantia Community

Following Michael’s Plan

Michael has a plan for the establishment and progress of this revelation on our world. To better understand what Michael would have us do as part of this plan, we came together this last summer in a cooperative effort to discover this better understanding. Following the sound advice of the book, we considered the origins and histories of the organizations created to establish and disseminate this revelation so that we might better understand their potential destinies as part of this plan. We explored the available historical records, as well as what is in The Urantia Book. As we considered all of this information on the role of these organizations, we found ourselves referring repeatedly to Michael’s Plan.It is for this reason, and with this meaning, that we use the phrase Michael’s Plan

The immediate purpose of The Urantia Book is to expand cosmic consciousness and enhance spiritual perception. (Pg.1:2) The book is also part of a larger, planetary purpose to uplift mankind. It expands upon previous epochal revelations to prepare the way for future revelations of truth, including Michael, his Sons, and other Paradise Sons. The Urantia organizations have crucial roles to play within this larger context of illuminating the past and preparing man for a future revelation from the Father.

Michael, our Sovereign Creator Son, has given to our community the task of firmly establishing The Urantia Book as an authoritative revelation of God upon this world. Part of this inaugural founding of epochal revelation is the physical dissemination of the text and the social dissemination of its teachings. Michael, through the agency of his Sons, approved the creation of two human organizations to establish and promote this revelation, which fosters both personal God-consciousness and the social awareness of Supreme cosmic citizenship. The revelatory commission provided guidance and instructions on the nature, roles, and responsibilities of these two organizations: Urantia Foundation and Urantia Brotherhood. We have come to refer to this original organizational design created under this guidance as Michael’s Plan.

In comparing this original organizational design with our history over more than half a century, there are several critical areas in which the organizations have progressed in ways which are inharmonious with this original design. These progressive historical trends bring into serious question the potential destinies of the organizations. We are following a course which is significantly different from that which higher guidance advises, with consequences which we can somewhat foresee. We are not following the course of Michael’s Plan. It is to the real and present danger of continuing on our current course that this letter and its attachments are addressed.

A statement of our shared purpose and a paper entitled, Following Michael’s Plan can be viewed by clicking here.” The paper considers the guidance given by the revelatory commission and the book, its original implementation, our historical divergence from this advice, and the enduring spiritual principles discernible in this guidance. We hope that this will provide a more comprehensive framework within which our community can begin to consider decisions and actions to bring us into better harmony with Michael’s Plan.

Because this is an open letter to the whole of the Urantia community, this paper was also placed upon its own website, with relevant supporting documents. While the site is no longer current you can still view an archived copy, click here. We invite you to visit this unaffiliated archived site and consider the evidence for yourself.

In devoted service to Christ Michael and to the Universal Father.

The students of The Urantia Book, whose names appear below, believe that this revelation is best served by following Michael’s Plan, to the best of our ability to understand it:

This list is comprised of co-authors and reviewers of Following Michael’s Plan at the time of publication.

George L. Park
Carolyn Kendall
Barbara Newsom
David Elders
Nick Stefero
Charles Laurence Olivea

Gary Deinstadt
Marta Elders
Nancy Grimsley
Vern Grimsley
John Hales
Liza Palm
Paul Snider

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