Michael: An Example of Love, Truth and a Way of Life

Everyone in this conference knows who Michael is as well as the example and legacy of the life that he led. The theme of this Conference is “Under the Light of Love” and it is precisely Michael of Nebadon—self-bestowed on this planet as Jesus of Nazareth—who is known as “the light of the world.” We can reach that light through him and with conscious effort we can preserve it. Moreover, the idea is not only to keep the light but to become true bright torches so we may radiate his light wherever we go.

We become a Torch of Light by being aware and alert. Consequently, we can do plenty of service; shed light where needed, silently, actively, and personally. We can follow his example of service—the different kinds he taught—by studying his life and asking for his guidance and inspiration. Therefore, if we choose this as our life purpose, we may be able to do much more for our fellow brothers.

We can consciously bring light where there is darkness. For example, while watching the news we can ask the angels on duty to shed the light with us. Usually, angels cannot interfere with our free will, but when invoked they will joyfully perform this service. Certainly, here we are all readers of The Urantia Book, but we must ask ourselves: how much time, during each day, are we really aware and applying these wonderful teachings of light?

While performing silent and conscious service we receive a true gift from heaven: a divine balm. Silent and conscious service is the example our beloved Jesus left us, and it is described in several passages of The Urantia Book.

However, to administer our silent service, it is very important to be humble, consistent, and faithful. Like everything in life, while we practice we gain experience. Such an experience will turn into enlightened faith. The cosmos needs our silent and conscious service as torches of light in order to illuminate the Earth, the same way the energy company needs cables to illuminate the city. The universe needs our personal and unselfish service–without our expecting anything in return or desiring to stand out or seeking personal recognition.

Silent service is greatly needed for its significant impact, but only a few will fulfill it. It is not attractive due to the lack of immediate results. However, by practicing it, you may find the strength, inspiration and ideas for other types of service. Impersonal service is really beautiful and does not prevent us from serving personally—one being to another—and spreading the teachings Michael left us.

There is another very important question we must ask ourselves: how much more could we strive each day to live constantly in the light? I invite everyone to ask themselves and answer as honestly as possible. What could I do today to remain under the radiation of light and become this light, brought into conscious action? How many conferences like this have I attended? How much of what I’ve proposed to do have I actually put into action? How much have I done?

It is true that when we go back home, daily chores and duties overtake us and we forget our real goals. We leave for tomorrow what we could do today and don’t make time to act on our resolutions. Nevertheless, if we make a plan and actually do our part, it will result in attaining more energy and awareness to focus and do everything from the center of ourselves, thus, managing to organize ourselves and invest part of our time to plant the seeds of light and fulfill our purpose.

These seeds, in turn, will give fruit so that others can eat, the same way we now feed from what other people planted in the past. By spreading Jesus’ teachings, we will be fulfilled with light and divine joy, becoming active members of the Great Universal Family of Order, Light and Love.

Going back to the main theme, “Under the Light of Love,” let us remember Jesus’ unconditional love. In The Urantia Book we have the most amazing examples of how he developed his life on Earth. He was human like us until it was time to remember who He was (is). Every day he strived to become better in every aspect of his life! How great is the privilege of having been born into the world of his bestowal! And how great is the fact that The Urantia Book is part of our lives, so we may study his life and be loyal to all that he is loyal to!

His great love, service, and surrender are the examples we should follow with the whole strength of our being. If that is what we really yearn for, then we must become aware that the privilege of serving in the cosmic purpose is a gift from heaven. “To serve is to be.”

His great love, service, and surrender are the examples we should follow with the whole strength of our being. If that is what we really yearn for, then we must become aware that the privilege of serving in the cosmic purpose is a gift from heaven. To serve is to be.

In these lines, we can continue asking ourselves: Can I say what or who I am? Do I really know my purpose in life? If so, how many hours a day am I aware and alert to the possibility of serving? Do I have communication with my essence on a higher level of consciousness? Do I allow my being to manifest itself? How much time of each day? Have I become aware that within my being—my essence—I can find my own Action Plan? For what purpose did The Urantia Book come into my hands?

It is up to each of us to answer these questions. I invite you all to seek the answers in the passages that contain the life of Jesus. Be honest, do not deceive or lie to yourselves, and even more, do not believe you are “the greatest.” If you consciously evaluate your answers, you may have a vision of how much more you can strive to give love, just as Jesus—the Lord of Love and more—did! In order to achieve this, we have available the life of Jesus, including the lost years, with profound reflections that might help us rise to the level of love itself.

What are we waiting for? Why not start today? We will not know the outcome nor have the life experience if we do not do it! What stops us from doing it? Fear? Insecurity? The opportunity is here today; tomorrowmight never come, and yesterday is already gone.

If we do a retrospective analysis every day and see how much time we use to sow Light, Love, Truth, Beauty, Wisdom, Order, and other values, we will get a clear perspective on how aware or asleep we actually are. This will encourage us to make a bigger effort and do better every day.

Michael is the example of love. The time has come to do the impossible in order to manifest this love in every action, thought, and feeling. Let us become true Torches of Light, and in that loving letus illuminate everything around us: our own little world, our home, our work place, the paths we take, and the places we visit.

Are we able to express this love, even in small amounts? Can we stay conscious and connected to his great love? It is then time to wake up, time to get out the state of procrastination and inconsistency. Time to consciously analyze how much of his example w are able to fulfill!

Times are tough, it is true, but that has to be the motivation to keep us awake, alert, and vigilant. Do we have to make a great effort most of the time? Of course! Michael himself, the Creator of our universe, had to do so while living on this planet. Are we intending to have fun and not make an effort? Michael demonstrated that the plan of evolution as an ascendant creature is possible. And that is precisely what evolution is: to overcome what life presents to us every day and to do it with humility.

Everything good I have attained is through merit of the Thought Adjuster, the Father within. Everything negative I have sowed is my responsibility to redeem.

What about that which is neither good nor bad? Do neutral actions, without positive or negative charges, exist? In my opinion, they do. What about those states in which I feel lethargic, on auto pilot? Those times when I am taken by the current and seem to vegetate? I am simply not defining what I want in life or making an effort to achieve it. You can live like that for years being part of a society that justifies everything. Oh yes! To get out of that state, it is vital to learn to love as Michael did; learn to love as the own Creator of our universe demonstrated. Such love must begin with love and respect for ourselves and the life goals that we have intended.

There are even more questions regarding this subject. It is essential that we answer honestly and confront ourselves. Do I live in truth? Am I truthful? How much truth runs my life? Am I consequential with the truth I yearn for? Do I check daily the reason and purpose of my intentions? Am I able to communicate with the Spirit of Truth within? What other questions come after answering all these questions?

The truth is that we are full of the “lack of truth,” from our genetic heritage, or from the society inwhich we grew up. We allow external influence to manipulate us. If we really want to live the truth—and I’m sure everyone yearns for it in a greater or lesser degree—it is vital that we check our actions, reflecting on ourselves every day. Only then will we be able to follow his example in his simple but dedicated and purposeful life. Byhisexample we have everything. In The Urantia Book, in the last 75 documents and 774 pages, there is everything for our evolution in this planet. If we dare to be loyal to the Father and live as Jesus did, with dedication and unconditional service to our fellow man and constant self-discernment, we will be on the way towards soul survival. Therefore, I propose we start today!

We shall have a purpose in life. We shall:

  • Strive to manifest the love Jesus taught us.
  • Live in truth, using it as our guide, without justifying ourselves or adjusting the truth to suitable circumstances or to what society tells us.
  • Be upright, for righteousness is one of the greatest virtues that Jesus preached.

These times require our conscious effort, our attention to radiate love and light, essential to the current circumstances of the planet. For some reason weobtained these teachings. Somehow, each of us here has begged for an opportunity and therefore our requests have been honored. Thus, it’s imperative to be present in order to convey the love and truth he taught us.

Michael is the way of life. What does this mean? Do these words resonate? What comes to mind? There are many paths, but the way of life is the path that fills me with true life. But questions arise: What kind of life do I aspire to have? Have I ever planned to walk the path that Jesus left us?

We are very fortunate to have received these teachings and even more to have the opportunity to follow Jesus’ way of life. These are magnificent times, and there is much to do with all that we have received. Many people are hungry for the truth and want to learn of these teachings.

The responsibility that we bear is huge, as we will have spent four days under the banner of the light of love. The opportunity to put this responsibility into practice is also big because we will have the inspiration, tools, yearning, and willingness to serve. This will allow us to carry out the wonderful path of giving true life to other brothers and sisters who are searching for the truth.

Each of us has a story of how The Urantia Book came into our lives. If we look back we see that, in one way or another, someone introduced us to it either by talking about it or giving it to us in an enigmatic way. Sometimes that someone is our own inner self. Today, we know how useful the teachings of The Urantia Book have been. Our experience lets us know how much more we can do to make these teachings available to our fellows. These are times of expansion, times of giving, and making transcendent decisions, just as Michael did. We must spare no effort and give ourselves completely to others.

Let us not only live these days under the light of love, but let these days help us to energize from the light and love that Jesus left us! Shall we leave this conference with all the strength, will, and desire to serve and expand these wonderful teachings!

Finally, there are some other questions we cannot ignore. How many brothers and sisters have not had the opportunity to learn these truths? What else can I do, in my little world, to bring this truth to others who need it? What ideas come to mind with all that I have received in this conference? What shall I do so that this force of light and love will not be diluted but, on the contrary, bear fruit?

It is vital that I dare to bear fruit and surrender. If the decision has been truly made, everything will flow. Things will happen with the help of the Thought Adjuster, my Guardian Angels, the Midway Creatures, and the Spirit of Truth, all in coordination with my free will.

I conclude by quoting some passages from The Urantia Book:

Let every man make sure that the intellectual and moral foundation of character are such as will adequately support the superstructure of the enlarging and ennobling spiritual nature, which is thus to transform the mortal mind, and then (…) to achieve the evolvement of the soul of immortal destiny. [Paper 156:5, page 1738:1]

Your spirit nature—the jointly created soul—is a living growth, but the mind and morals of the individual are the soil from which these higher manifestations of human development and divine destiny must spring. [Paper 156:5, page 1738:1]

And it behooves the Master’s followers in all ages to learn to minister as “they pass by”—to do unselfish good as they go about their daily duties. [Paper 171:7, page 1875:5]