Meeting for Urantia Book Readers in Russia

Venue Picture Moscow Conference 2016Welcome to the first meeting for Russian speaking readers of The Urantia Book to be held 9 to 11 September, 2016 in Moscow, Russia.

All Russian speaking Urantia Book students are invited! 

9 to11 September, 2016
Hotel Novahoff, Moscow, Russia

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Theme: Becoming Friends and Loving Each Other

While you cannot observe the divine spirit at work in your minds, there  is a practical method of discovering the degree to which you have yielded the control of your soul powers to the teaching and guidance of this indwelling spirit of the heavenly Father, and that is the degree of your  love for your fellow men. This spirit of the Father partakes of the love of the Father, and as it dominates man, it unfailingly leads in the directions of divine worship and loving regard for one’s fellows. [Paper 146:3.6, page 1642.2]

It is not so important to love all men today as it is that each day you learn to love one more human being.  [Paper 100:4.6, page 1098.3]

Those who are interested in giving a presentation are kindly asked to send us the title of their presentation and a brief half-page summary of its content before August 1, 2016. Email:

We will be sending monthly updates of the meeting as more details unfold.
Note that there will be no English translation!

Russian Conference Room PicturePROGRAMMING

The meeting program begins on September 9 at 10.00 am and ends on September 11 at 5.00 pm. Presentations will be held in the morning and workshops of 5-7 people will be held in the afternoon to discuss specific topics.


To register please contact:
Ekaterina Alexandrova – email:  Telephone: +7 916 114 73 73 or
Tamila Ragimova – email: Telephone +57 312 850 97 16

Those who are interested in participating are kindly asked to send their name, email, phone number, city and country before August 1, 2016 to

Russian Venue Restaurant PicturePRICING

A double room costs 3,000 rubles per person per day (US$50), meals (US$10). Check into the hotel September 8, after 3.00 pm. Payment is due upon arrival. Contribution to the costs of organizing the meeting is 2,000 rubles (US$33) paid at registration. We have sponsors so please contact us in case of the need for financial assistance. 


Hotel Novahoff

  • Address: Km12 Moscow . Nicholas – Uryupino Village. Gagarin Street No. 23
  • Telephone: +7 495 646-66-56
  • Website:

Map Airpor to Venue Moscow

Airport Taxi: You can order a taxi from Sheremetyevo International Airport to Hotel Novahoff via or by phone  +7 964 588-88-80.

Public Transport: Bus or taxi № 541 from metro station “Tushinskaya” to the last stop “Nicholas Uryupino” (40-60 min).

Link to venue routemap:

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Note: This conference is organized by Russian Urantia Book Readers from all around the world 

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