Lone Star Urantia Association Conference

The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

2015 Hitchikers Guide Lone Star ConfLone Star Urantia Association (LSUA) held its 2015 regional conference at the Briarwood Retreat Center in Argyle, Texas (Dallas area) March 20 to 22. Almost 50 attendees were present for the entire conference. Prior to the conference members of the Urantia Association of the United States (UAUS) held their annual Council of Local Presidents meeting.

The program included:

A presentation on Social Architecture by Kaye Cooper.

2015 Lone Star ConfSend Them A What? A skit written by Suzanne Kelly about a group of Seraphim discussing the possibility of sending Urantian mortals “a book”. These angels and “the 24” were excited about the possibilities and lots of people wanted to get in on the act including Andon and Fonta.

David Glass presented a powerful and moving video he helped to create that showed a beautiful overview of the Local Universe.

Debra Guevara gave a presentation on the Local Universe Mother Spirit – Extending the Hand of Love.

Will Sherwood, President of UAUS talked about the Geometric Growth of the Urantia Movement. He encouraged each of us to continue our efforts to spread teachings of The Urantia Book. He said that if every person who reads the book successfully introduced it to one other, they will be directly contributing to this geometric growth.

Rick Guevara talked about the Material Sons and Daughters and went into detail about the default of Adam and Eve.

Jean-Pierre Heudier stimulated a lively discussion with his presentation, Hitchhiking Our Way from the Schools of Earth to the Schools of Salvington that guided the attendees through the various training schools presented in The Urantia Book.

Chris Wood, President of Urantia Association International talked on A Messed Up Look at the Mansion Worlds, an elaborate ruse to talk about and show pictures of his children! Chris shared delightful stories which demonstrated how our planet is “messed up.” (He was referring, of course, to our non-standard development.)

Richard Jernigan showed his video on Urantia, Nebadon and the Master Universe. It is an exploration of Urantia’s numerical relation to its local universe of Nebadon and the Master Universe based on the cosmology in The Urantia Book. Click here to view this amazing 5-minute video.

Exploring the Astronomy of Nebadon. John Causland shared his ideas about some of the confusing language in The Urantia Book relating to the cosmos. He pointed out that in the early 1900s and 1920’s old language was still in use. He suggested that the revelators waited until Hubble published his work that set the direction for the astronomy of the future.

On Sunday morning everyone was treated with another skit, You Are Here, about John Smith waking up on mansion world number one, meeting his new associates and finding out about his eternal career.

Gaetan Charland finished the weekend with a talk about the Publication Mandate and the importance of fostering more study groups.

To see LSUA’s newsletter with a detailed account and photos of the conference click here