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Annual Conferences

ANZURA organises an annual conference of readers which rotates among the various locations where study groups exist. Here readers can exchange views, deepen understanding of the book and develop warm friendships as they discuss formal presentations, while sharing ideas over meals and in informal discussions.


National Study Days

Every year ANZURA arranges a day when a particular paper is studied on the same day by all those study groups around the world who choose to participate. Any reader who wants to take part can do so by contacting the nearest host, whose contact details are published in advance. It is a moving experience to study a paper in the knowledge that so many other groups, all over the world, are studying the same paper at the same time. The Arena newsletter publishes reports from groups willing to share their deliberations with the wider readership.

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Arena Newsletter

Published three times a year, the Arena keeps readers informed about events and activities pertaining to readers of The Urantia Book. It also publishes articles derived from the insights and observations of readers which may be of interest to fellow readers.

Arena Newsletter

Readers Referral Service

ANZURA provides a service through email, mail and telephone, assisting readers to locate other readers and study groups. No contact details are ever revealed without the permission of the contactee.

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Gift Book Program

ANZURA sponsors a gift book program to donate books to libraries and other relevant learning centres in Australia and New Zealand.

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