ANZURA Conference Presentations

2016 Hobart, Tasmania

“Equipped to be Teachers of the Religion of Jesus”
Are you willing? Are you Ready?

2015 Sydney, NSW

“Faith & Courage”
the Pathway to Paradise and Beyond

2014 Auckland, New Zealand

“Celebrating God’s Gifts”
-An Exploration of Creative Living-

2013 Canberra, ACT

“The Spirit of Truth”
-experience the willingness to go wherever it leads-

2012 Mooloolaba, QLD

“More things in Heaven and Earth”
-Adapting to an expanded description of reality-

2011 Myrniong, VIC

“Urantia Book – The Treasure Chest”
-The purpose of Life and goal of Existence—Heaven and Earth revealed-

2010 Hobart, TAS

“Worshiping and Serving our Father”
– Attaining the highest levels of self-realization