Jesus’ Birthday 2014

Groups of readers, study groups, and Urantia Associations gathered around the world to celebrate Jesus’ birthday on or near the 21st August.

Following are some snap shots of some of those gatherings this year.


Readers from Argentina gathered to celebrate Jesus birthday and also to study. The two main subjects were the Thought Adjusters and the Spirit of Truth.


Readers celebrated Jesus’ birthday at the conference in Berlin





France – Avignon


The Jesus birthday party held in Columbus, Ohio on Sunday August 24 2014 was a joyous affair.  About twenty Urantians attended.  There was a social period, getting to know and interact with these sincere students of the revelation.  Young people were in attendance as well as students from abroad. The setting was the club house in a gated community not far from downtown Columbus.  The surroundings were well landscaped and the view from the deck included a small lake that was formerly a stone quarry.

There was a pot luck dinner with lots of goodies, even a birthday cake for Michael, complete with a candle that kept relighting itself.  Somebody wondered how many candles there should be.  We all even had party hats.

There was a study period based on Paper 52, Section 6, which is titled “Urantia’s Post-Bestowal Age.”  This section highlights five personal transformations that are necessary for the attainment of spiritual brotherhood: Social fraternity, Intellectual cross-fertilization, Ethical awakening, Political wisdom and Spiritual insight.  We were divided into groups to discuss each of these points and report back to the group.

Finally there was socializing, including some guitar picking music.  A fine time was had by all.


South Korea

Virtual Meeting

Readers from  Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Equador, Spain, Mexico, Uruguay, Peru, and the USA met over the internet to hold a virtual celebration of Jesus’ birthday. They held an online reading on the subject of ‘Understanding and Discernment Journey’.