Items of Interest from the Website

Have you seen Urantia Association International’s Study Aids & Resources section of the website?

Many students of The Urantia Book produce study aids and derivative works—creative tools that can help others understand the complexity of The Urantia Book. *

The Association has developed a resource library where many of these works are available. The full index of subjects can be viewed at the Topical Index of Articles section of the website. Here are a few specific links that may be of interest:


Science & Cosmology:

Philosophy & Religion:



Personal Testimonials:

Introductions to The Urantia Book:

Teachings of Jesus:

History of The Urantia Book:

*Please note that the opinions expressed in these works are those of the individuals who created them. Including them into this resource library does not imply endorsement of content by Urantia Association International. We consider much of the material in these works to include useful information and they are provided as a convenience to readers.