Highlights from Journal

The following are some insights shared by Dorothy Elders after she read about the Study Group Symposium in the Journal. Dorothy is a long time reader, Association member, and founder of The Urantia Book Internet School (UBIS).

I just finished reading the September issue of Urantia Association’s Journal which featured five presentations given at the Study Group Symposium last June, and I was filled with a “Mountain Top” experience of exhilaration and Thanksgiving!!

What wonderful presentations they were! David Glass’ The Glorious Good News, Gaetan Charland’s Light of the World vision, Joycee Patterson’s Carpe Diem – Progressive Study Group Evaluation, David Kulieki’s Lighting the Way with wise and vigorous Study Group leadership, and finally, Tonia Baney’s focus on Jesus’ Parables as inspiration for sharing the revelation with others. I was truly astounded by the collective effect of all that I read, but more than that was the soul-grasping realization and recognition I experienced regarding how far we have come and of the progress that has been achieved during these past fifty years. The insight and wisdom demonstrated in these presentations at the Symposium is a testimony to that very progress and a sign post to all that we are on the right track.

On a personal note: from the five wonderful presentations shared in the Journal, one point was made that stood out for me, above everything else, as the pearl of great price”, the one that set my “truth bells” ringing and sent my heart pounding with joy. In David Glass’s presentation he eludes to a reader’s initial encounter with The Urantia Book, and it lights up the night sky for him – like a rocket – with great brilliance. He goes on to say that it is among the many tasks of Study Groups to help new or early students of The Urantia Book to experience this same, initial, breath-taking discovery-moment for themselves.

Such a moment constitutes the instance of a profound, personal, religious experience – one of the central themes of the book and the essence of the religion of Jesus. For me, this statement stands high and above all else as “the Guiding Light” Task for all Study Group leaders.

In closing these remarks, I would like to tell you that I will share this current issue of the Journal with all my co-members and staff of the Urantia Book Internet School. I am sure they will find it as illuminating and inspiring as I did!

Once again, congratulations on your outstanding Study Group Symposium.

In friendship,
Dorothy Elder
Los Angeles, CA