Helping the Revelation Succeed

Hello Everyone,

We are all keen to see the success of the Fifth Epochal Revelation. Of course, it will be a long journey. It takes place on a time scale that we cannot really understand. Nevertheless, I regularly ask myself the question, what can I do at my scale that will contribute to the enterprise? First, of course, I try to put the teachings of The Urantia Book into practice by transmitting the truths that I have discovered into my surroundings without necessarily speaking of the book. Then I formed a study group and, for the first time, I made a donation to Urantia Association International. For the moment, that’s what I found was in my power to do.

Last week I received an email from the Association asking me for permission to publish my name as a donor in their 2018 Annual Report without indicating the amount. This was to encourage other potential donors. I accepted, of course.

I then asked myself the question, how many readers are there in Quebec and in Canada and how many of them contribute financially to the Urantia Association mission? I had no problem finding the answer but was stunned by the numbers.

Although the exact number of readers in Canada is not known precisely because many of them do not contact organizations, the number of francophone readers is 560 people and, for English readers, 300. How many readers do you think have contributed financially to the Association in 2018 for all of Canada? The answer is 17!

So, I asked myself the same question, what can I do? The answer is simple; to write to you, to give you these figures, and to urge you to ask yourself what can you do?

Although the mission of the book is spiritual, we live in a material world and money is a “material means” indispensable for carrying out this revelation in time. Jesus never personally dealt with the finances of the apostolic group, but he and his apostles could not have accomplished anything if they had not been financially supported by believers, either poor or rich.

The Urantia Book teaches us that a group of individuals is much stronger that the sum of the individuals that make it up. It is with this idea in mind that I encourage you to give what you can, whether to Urantia Association International or the Urantia Foundation. It’s very easy to do, just go to their websites.

Thank you all.

Eric Martel